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Tucson Arizona craigslist trucks and cars for sale by owner

Whether you are looking for a truck or a car in the Tucson Arizona area, craigslist is one of the best options that any consumer can possibly use. Never before in history has it been so easy to buy a for sale by owner car than it is today. Many residents in the Tucson area are looking for fuel-efficient cars as the rising price of gasoline costs people a small fortune to fuel their cars everyday. Others are simply looking to get a car at a good price and not having to make monthly car payments. Whatever the case may be, there is a privately sold cars in your area that is both affordable and reliable.

Finding the car of your dreams is easy when you know exactly what you’re searching for. There are however a few items that you will want to keep in mind if you plan to buy for sale by owner car.

  • Take the number of miles on a car into consideration when buying. Having extremely high mileage, a car that has well over 200,000 miles, can be a dangerous maneuver and end up costing you several more thousand dollars then you anticipated on paying. Some vehicles, many imports in particular, have the ability to last for several hundred thousand miles. This does of course take into consideration how well be automobile has been maintained.
  • Don’t forget to have the car checked out by someone who is qualified and has experience working on automobiles. If you are serious about buying a car this is one of the last things that you want to do before paying the seller and signing the title over. Have your mechanic check out everything from the suspension system to the drivetrain and everything in between. A good mechanic should be able to pinpoint any problematic areas that could end up costing you excessive amounts of money in the end.
  • Many people think that you have to spend a lot of money to get a reliable car. Some of the most reliable vehicles that I have purchased on craigslist have been for under $1500. Also, some of the uglier vehicles that I have purchased have been the most reliable. Don’t be fooled by an ugly car that is underpriced. These can be some of the best vehicles to purchase as long as they are mechanically sound and the previous owner has taken care of them.

Used cars under 1500 Tuscon

Oldsmobile Delta 88 $800

Olds Delta 88If you are looking for a beater with a heater then look no farther than this Oldsmobile Delta 88. While this car may be a little bit older, it runs great and gets pretty good gas mileage. It has the six cylinder engine and the interior is in great shape. The exterior of the car is showing signs of aging but this should not affect the performance. This car was ahead of its time with all of the power features including power windows, locks, cruise control. Everything still works on it including the air-conditioning system. The owner has driven this car on a daily basis and is ready to upgrade to something a little bit nicer. If you’re looking for a car that will get you to and from the places that you need to go and you do not want to spend a ton of money, this $800 steel of a deal may be for you. The owner is looking for sellers with cash in hand and has the title and keys ready to go.

1994 Nissan hardbody pickup truck $1400

This 1994 Nissan hardbody pickup truck is a model that is becoming increasingly difficult to find.it is believed that this is one of the better Nissan trucks ever created and a very rarely ever show up on craigslist in this price range. This particular 94 Nissan truck has 217,000 miles and comes with a small four cylinder engine and five speed manual transmission. This truck is however 2 Wheel Dr which for some may be a dealbreaker. Overall the truck is in good condition with one of the only problems being a broken speedometer. The air conditioning blows ice cold and the Windows work well. In addition, it has all four tires in great shape. On the downside, they could use a little bit of paint work as any vehicle that is 20 years old will show signs of wear. The owner is asking only $1400 for this truck and is selling it as is. The owner did however mention that he is willing to negotiate on the price so if you’re looking for a deal you may be able to pick up this one for only a grand.

1995 Honda Accord $1500

1995 Honda accordNext up is the 1995 Honda Accord with an incredible 240,000 miles. These cars are built to last so you should not let a little bit of mileage scare you away. This car comes with brand-new Michelin tires and has recently been registered. The owner has recently changed the oil and it should be good to get it for the next 2000 miles. The car does have a few problems such as the power door locks don’t work in addition to the Windows which may need a little bit of work.in addition, the air conditioning and heater control knobs do need to be replaced. The owner is not willing to do any work to this car and is selling it and as is condition. This vehicle has been his daily driver so you know that it is dependable.

1988 Mercury Cougar $1500

1988 mercury cougarMaybe you’re looking for an older car that has lower mileage. Check out this 1988 Mercury cougar with only 93,000 miles on it. It has great working air conditioning and has recently had a head job. The only reason why the sellers are getting rid of it is because they are getting ready to do and cannot take it with them. With only 93,000 miles, this car will be around for many more years to come. As a bonus, it has brand-new tires and a new water pump. They could use a tuneup but for the price of $1500 you really cannot beat it.


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