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Sierra Vista AZ Craigslist deals on cheap motorcycles cars and pickups

Sierra Vista Arizona is a great location when it comes to buying used cars. This area has quite a few people coming and going and at any given time someone may be leaving the area or arriving here. In many instances, the people of Sierra Vista choose to list their personal items on Craigslist instead of moving with them. This often makes the process of moving much easier as there is not as many items that must be moved. Among these items are motorcycles, cars and pickups. Many people have an extra car laying around that need to be moved out of the way for whatever reason. Listing the cars on craigslist Sierra Vista AZ is a great way to get cold hard cash for such items.

Cars for cheap on Craigslist

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of buying a car on Craigslist is the fact that you can get one for extremely cheap. Often times, these cars will sell for a fraction of the price that one would expect to pay when shopping using more traditional methods such as a car dealer or your local car lot on the corner. The reason behind this is because a private party seller can offer a lower price due to the fact that there is less overhead expenses involved when selling a car this way. Keep in mind that with a dealer you are looking at paying the cost associated with acquiring the car in addition to the markup and associated with operating costs plus the profit. This will often double the cost that one would expect to pay in comparison to buying from an individual. Here are a few tips that you may want to consider in order to get a cheap car.

  1. Never offer to pay the seller full price for their car. Most people are willing to sell their car for hundreds less than they have it posted for. In fact, some even post their cars for a higher price while expecting the seller to negotiate the price. If you do in fact pay full price you are only leaving money on the table that could have otherwise been used to put a tank of gas in the car or pay for needed repairs.
  2. Keep in mind that all of the small things can really add up. While it is a great idea to get a car that has a few things wrong with it because you can get a much lower price. Don’t buy one that needs a lot of work. A few dollars here and a few dollars there can really add up. Choose your car wisely and never choose without having someone give it a good look over.
  3. Look for motivated sellers. The best way to get a really great deal is to locate someone who absolutely must sell their car. Use the keyword search feature in order to do this by typing in words such as must sell or needs to go. I have found many deals this way and it is easy to do.

1993 Chevy s-10 Pickup truck $1800

chevy s10 1993This 1993 Chevy pickup truck is priced to sell and has only had 3 owners. With 226k miles, this truck has the automatic transmission and 6 cyl engine. On the down side, it has no ac but the heat works great. Comes with an AM FM radio and has been well maintained. Everything is good and this truck is good to go. Owner is located in Hereford AZ and is only asking $1800. This is a deal for a pickup truck that is good on gas.

1992 Chrysler town and country van $1100

1992 Chrysler town and country vanDo you need a good work van or a van for your family. Pick up this deal for around a grand in Sierra Vista. This van does have higher mileage at 210k but still runs good. Automatic transmission and 6 cyl engine gives you the power that you need while not having to sacrifice having poor gas mileages. This is not a bad looking van and even has dark tinted windows to keep the Arizona summer heat out.

Motorcycles for sale by owner

2009 Harley Davidson Heritage softail classic

Here is a real deal on this softail. Comes with all sorts of upgrades including smoked lenses, exhaust, leather saddle bags, new tires, etc. It appears as if the seller received a DWI and can not drive it so his loss is your gain. This bike has been well maintained and is ready to ride. Seller is asking $15,00 so if you have the cash, this could be a deal. Otherwise, you will have to arrange for your own financing. For this particular year and model it is prices several thousand below what you would expect to pay elsewhere.

2008 Kawasaki Ninja $3000

2008 kawasaki ninjaLooking for a real crotch rocket? This thing will do zero to 60 in no time and hardly has any miles on it. 1500 mines to be exact. The seller just does not ride it so he wants to sell it. The bike has no scratches and is in perfect condition. The oil has been changed. He is willing to negotiate on price so you may be able to get it for even cheaper than the asking price.

Free cars in AZ

If you don’t have any cash you may be able to get a deal on a free car. Yes, free. Some car owners are willing to donate their running cars to needy families. Others have an old car that may need some work. If it is a free car that you are searching for then keep an eye out as these vehicles do appear from time time. Check out not only the car section but also the free section in order to have the best chances possible of finding one of these cars. There are also programs in the community that help needy people who are looking for transportation. If this is something that you are interested in, check out what programs are available in the Sierra Vista.



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