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Southeast Alaska Juneau Ketchikan Valley Craigslist – Buy cars, motorcycles and truck

Have you been thinking about buying a used car but don’t know where to start? Take a look at the SE Alaska Craigslist if you live in areas such as Juneau, Ketchikan or Valley. This is the place to find the largest selection of for sale by owner cars in SE Alaska. Buying a used car, truck or motorcycle can be a large expense, for just about anyone. This is why it is important to know what you are doing before you begin to shop. There are so many deals to be found and here are a few that have appeared in recent weeks. Here are a few featured cars that are selling for under 2000. 

  • 1987 Dodge Ram
  • 89 Chevy Blazer
  • 1998 Subaru outback
  • 1993 dodge dakota
  • 1994 ford aerostar van
  • 1981 GMC long bed truck
  • 2001 dodge neon
  • 1999 Dodge Durango
  • 1995 Ford f350 truck
  • 1999 Honda accord
  • 1999 Pontiac Grand am
  • 2001 Kia sephia
  • 2003 ford foccus
  • 2000 Ford mustang

For sale by owner in Southeast Alaska

1986 Dodge Ram 2500 4wd pickup $1500

3Ee3G73F75L35I75Fbd49fea3053dd61519c8Here’s a great deal on a 4×4 truck in the Ketchikan area. This 86′ Dodge is read to work and features a large v8 engine. This 2500 series can do some serious hauling and the 4wd feature will get you around SE Alaska in those cold winter months. The owner claims that that there is nothing wrong with the truck except for a small dent. Most likely there is some rust damage with a truck that is of this age.

The seller of this truck is only asking $1500 and even put make an offer in the ad which signals that he is willing to take less than that. $1500 is already a deal but if you can get it for a couple hundred dollars less this would be a real steal. The owner is even throwing in a matching topper to go with this 2500 series work horse.

1992 Chevy truck 1500 with 4×4 $2800

1992 chevy truckJust about any truck that you find in Juneau is going to be a 4×4 and this one is no exception. This work trick gets a solid 20- 25 MPG with its v6 engine and 5 speed manual tranny. The owner has not posted the number of miles but judging by the age of the vehicle it likely has well over 100k. This is something that you will want to ask the seller before checking out the vehicle.

This truck comes with a new fuel pump and the seller has also done some suspension work such as rear struts. Overall, this is a great looking truck and would work great for anyone who is looking to haul stuff for work or for play. Located in Juneau, this truck will not last long at this price.

1996 Subaru Legacy $2700

1996 SubaruIf you live in the downtown area and are looking for an AWD Subaru then this may be the ride for you. Sharp looking wagon with only 170k miles on it. Subaru is a name that you can trust for longevity and this car will be on the road for many more years to come.

Seller says that all features work on the vehicle and it even has fairly new Bridgestone tires on it. Recently tuned up and has excellent heat. You will be riding in style and comfort in this car as it is not all rusted out like so many other cars this year are. If you are in search of a good dependable car then this is the one for you. Don’t let a few extra miles fool you. These cars have a proven track record.

Used motorcycles for sale in SE Alaska

2007 Yamaha Roadstar Warrior 1700 $6500

Yamaha RoadstarIf 2 wheels is more your style then you may want to get this bike that is being sold in Ketchikan. Nice Roadstar Warrior that has everything that you would ever want including the power commander, passenger seat and pegs, Vance and Hines, and much more.

This bike only has just over 8000 miles on it and the seller is only asking $6500. Well taken care of and lots of chrome. Sharp looking bike at a great price.


2009 Kawasaki 650 ER6N

2009 Kawasaki 650 ER6nLocated in Juneau, this 650 series Kawasaki is in excellent shape and barely ridden. This seller says that it was garage kept and in like new condition. This is an original owner motorcycle. It is likely that the owner purchased this and is not getting the use out of it that he expected or perhaps he has to sell if for some other reason such as financial or divorce. Either way, this guys loss is your gain. Take a look a this sweet ride and you will quickly see that this is a real bargain.

Trading a car or truck on craigslist Alaska

There is another option if you don’t want to go through the trouble of selling your car then purchasing another. Consider trading your car for someone elses. Perhaps you have a car and are interested in a 4wd truck. The is someone out there that is looking to trade their truck out for a car and it will work out for the both of you.

When considering a trade, try to find a car that is of similar value to yours. You may even trade up for your car plus a little bit of cash. Some sellers are willing to entertain this idea so it never hurts to ask. Trading one car for another has long been a practice on craigslist as thousands of people in the SE Alaska area are in constant search of a new car. You may want to place an ad offer in your car for a trade. Many car buyers do this and have fairly good luck doing so.


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