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Huntsville Decatur Alabama Craigslist cars truck boats and motorcycles

Many of us are looking to get a good deal on their next vehicle whether it is a car, truck, boat or motorcycle. Huntsville Decatur Alabama Craigslist has become the leading source for the purchase of just about anything, including your transportation needs. You may be looking to buy or even perhaps sell. Whatever the case may be, you will have better luck using this free website and saving money on advertising. Here are a few items that you can look forward to seeing on your local Craigslist website.

Cars and Trucks for $1000 or less

There is no better feeling than finding a bargain on a car. Not a day goes by that someone snags a deal on a car or truck for $1000 or less. Personally, I have bought and sold a handful cars that are within this price range and can tell you that there are no shortage of folks who have a grand and are search for a set of wheels.

Keep in mind that not all $1000 cars are created equal. A great variation of vehicles can be found. Some are running while others are not. This is something that you should ask the seller before even taking a look at a car. If you are mechanically inclined, you can purchase two broken cars, perhaps one with a bad engine and the other with a bad transmission and create one good working car. When browsing the advertisements, there are a few things that one should keep in mind. Here are the 5 golden rules that one should use when buying a cheap car on Craigslist.

  1. Know if the owner has the title in hand. Sometimes, you will run across an individual who wants to sell their car but when it comes down to completing the transaction, they are unable to produce a title. While there are ways to get a title, it is usually not worth the effort. There are a surplus of owners who have their title in hand and are ready to sign it over. Skip over those who “can not find” their title. The car probably does not even belong to them.
  2. Look closely at the title. Search for terms such as total loss or salvage title. This can greatly impact the resale value of the car and can even cause several mechanical problems down the road. Its okay to purchase one of these cars if everything checks out okay and they are giving it away for a really low price.
  3. Know what you are buying. If you are not familiar with the mechanics of a car, be sure to have someone with you that does. Ask the seller if you can bring it to your mechanic. They should have no problem doing this. Have it checked out for major mechanical malfunctions as this can end up costing you more than a grand.
  4. Don’t overlook the small things. Just because the engine and drivetrain are sound doesn’t mean you will not have other costly repairs. Tires for instance can cost several hundred dollars for a set and are often an overlooked item when shopping. Make sure everything is functioning properly. Check the air conditioning in the winter time and the heater in the summer. The last thing that you want is to find out one of these do not work when the seasons change.
  5. Never accept a title that has not been notarized. The title must be taken to a notary and in most cases, just the sellers signature needs to be verified with the proper identification. A seller should not just hand you a signed title because the DMV will not accept this without a signature. Afterwards, you may not be able to get a hold of the seller.

 Search for boats and motorcycles

Cars and trucks are not the only thing that people in Huntsville Decatur Alabama are buying. Boats and motorcycles are also a popular choice for anyone looking for a deal. One of the most popular choices for boats is the 17′ fishing boat with a small Mercury engine, perhaps a 25 horsepower series. Whether you are looking for a flat bottom aluminum or a fiberglass v hull there are plenty to choose from.

Jet skis are also a hot item that can be found. Many people buy these, never use them and are looking to sell. Right now there is a great deal on a pair of SeaDoo’s GTS. These matching 3 seaters can go up to 40 MPH and comes with a trailer to hall them. For $4200 you can not beat this deal.

If it is a motorcycle that you are looking for there are a ton of these. How about a Harley Fat Boy with Samson Pipes for $12,000. There is also a great deal on a Honda Shadow 2006 VLX 600 model. The bad boy has a book value of $4300 but is being sold for $3400.

Looking to cruise in style? There are a couple BMW motorcycles listed on. One is a 1998 R1200c which is a cruiser with new tires and only 18,000 miles. The seller wants $4000 for it. The other is a 1986 R65 BMW with a few more miles on it but loaded down with a lot of new stuff. The asking price is $3,500.

Grab a 2006 Harley Davidson Sportster XL 1200. This hog is chromed out and even comes with the bags for transporting all of those necessary items. It features that V/h short shot pipes and has a total of 57.000 miles on it. While this is a bit high, you should get several more years of service out of it. At $4.500 you really can not lose on this deal.

Here’s another deal on a HD fatboy. Get the 100th anniversary edition featuring the Vance and Hines exhaust system with a sweet Vo2 filtration system. This bad boy has the 16″ ape hangers lots of stainless steel and chrome. Only has 20,000 miles and priced reasonably at $10,600 this is one hog that is hard to beat.

Remember that most sellers are looking to deal with only cash so leave your checkbook at home.

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