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Craigslist Florence Muscle Shoals Alabama for sale section – Where to find cheapest cars and household items

No matter what you are in the market for, Craigslist Florence Muscle Shoals Alabama is one of the best resources for getting the best prices on everything from cars to household items. This is important to know during difficult economic times that we all face these days.

If you have never visited the Craigslist before, you will be glad to know that the website has a very simple layout, making it extremely easy to navigate and find the exact items that you are in search of. Recently, they have increased their picture size and you can now search for an item by viewing its title and and a large picture. This makes finding the exact item that you are looking for easier than ever.

Household items and cars are two of the most popular items that can be found on this website. Here’s a little more information on how to approach a seller on craigslist.

Running cars for under $1000 high mileage

Florence Muscle Shoals craigslist buyers will often look for a deal on a cheap used car. One of the more common amounts that people look for is the car for $1000. Some people believe that it is near impossible to find a car for this small amount but they do in fact appear from time to time.

When buying a car this cheap it is important to accept the fact that you are likely going to find one that is older and has high mileage. In addition, features such as power windows, AC, power seats, heat, stereo, or a number of other things may or may not work. After all, for $1000 your expectations should be fairly low.

The important things that you should look for is the mechanical soundness of the car. Here are a few key areas that I typically inspect when buying a lower end car.

  • Engine/ Power train. These are two key necessities that enable your car to move down the road. Without them, your car will sit in the driveway. Ensure that the engine and transmission are in great working order. This task is usually best left to a trained mechanic but there are a few things that you can check such as the fluid levels and listen for any strange noises. This could be an indication of a more serious issue.
  • Braking system. Once you get going, you will need to stop. Does the car that you are interested stop the way it was designed to? If not, the problem could be a simple break job or could be a more expensive repair. Today’s cars operate using an ABS control which can be very expensive to replace. Check the brake performance and look on the driver side dash for any lights that are illuminating. If there is a problem, have it checked out before committing to buy.
  • Check engine light. When it comes to your car passing inspection, the check engine light may cause a serious issue. This indicates that there is a problem with you emissions system and this can become quite costly. The bad news is that your car can not pass inspection until this problem is corrected. Correcting the problem can cost several hundred dollars, putting you in way over your head.

Finding the cheapest car on craigslist takes several steps. Here is the 7 step process I go through when selecting a car.

  1. Go to the car and truck section and enter the price range that you are willing and able to pay
  2. Contact each seller and speak with them on the phone about their car. Take careful note that will be used to compare later on
  3. Narrow down your list to a select few cars and then spend a day check out every car that you are interested in. While check out the car, compare the notes that you took with the information that you gather.
  4. Consolidate your list to a handful of cars then make a decision as to which car you would like to purchase.
  5. Before buying the car, ask the seller if they are willing to take off a few hundred dollars if you were to purchase today. This is always a question worth asking.
  6. Close the deal by having the title signed over by a notary and paying the seller.
  7. Enjoy your new car!

There are many deals to be found on Cars, jeeps, trucks, station wagons, hatchbacks, suv’s, crossovers, hybrids etc on Craigslist. The best deals are usually found when you search for private sellers as they are able to offer the largest discounts because they are not able to get as much for their car as a dealer. You may also want to check out the dealer listings as they sometimes let a few cars go for cheap.

Household items such as tools, appliances and furniture

Just about every household item can be found on Craigslist. You can expect to pay 1/2 the retail price or less when you buy items used. There have been several instances where I have picked up an item for pennies on the dollar from buyers who were simply interested in getting rid of their unused stuff that is laying around the house. Here are a few household items that can be found everyday.

Hand tools, power tools, any other specialty tools

There has been several instances where I needed a tool to complete a job and did not want to buy it new. This is where Craigslist is extremely helpful. You can find gently used tools such at drills, hammers, impact sockets, air tools, hand saws, table saws, plumbing tools, etc for cheap. There is a specific section for just tools so you can browse here or simply do a search for exactly what you are looking for. If it is a one time use item, you can easily re list it once you have completed your repairs.

Home appliances refrigerators, ranges, microwave

Another popular household item is the appliance. People upgrade their appliances every day and are eager to get rid of their old items that are sill in good working order. Do you need a new refrigerator for your home? How about a good running one fore $200. These deals are very easy to find. Compare this to the new price of over $600 for a fridge. Ranges and microwaves are also a popular means of cooking and a great choice for anyone who is looking to save some cash on their next second hand purchase.


Have you seen the price of furniture lately? New furniture is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination and this makes craigslist the ideal place to get used furniture. Couches, end tables, area rugs, beds, are all found here at some of the cheapest prices around.


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