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Cheap stuff on Birmingham Alabama Craigslist

Birmingham AL residents have figured out where to find the best prices on everything from housing to cars and household items. Shopping for second hand items on Craigslist is the way to go if you are on a budget like many of the students who attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This online community has enabled so many to acquire some of life’s necessities at a much lower price.

Second hand cars on Craigslist Birmingham

Perhaps one of the most popular reasons why so many people use Craigslist is because there is a large selection of used cars for sale available. From Ford f150 super duty pick up trucks to the fuel efficient Toyota Prius, it can all be found here.

Buying one of these privately sold cars is not done in the same as if you were buying from a car dealer. These cars typically have no guarantee so once you buy it, its yours. Because of this, there are certain items that you should consider before making that purchase. Here are a list of a few that one should keep in mind when looking around.

  • Mileage. The number of miles a car has will usually be a great indicator of how many more years of service that should be expected. This is not always the case as several cars these days will run for several hundreds of thousands of miles before having a major issue. Either way, check the odometer before making a decision. If the mileage is high, ensure that you discount the price appropriately.
  • Owner count. Finding an original owner car is of course the best possible scenario. I like to search for this key term because these can make some really great cars. If the automobile has been passed down through several owners, there is a chance that it has some issues that one or more owners did not want to deal with. This is not always the case. 
  • Overall condition. Have the overall condition checked by a professional who is familiar with the overall workings of your car. This person can be your mechanic or a close friend who has bought a used car before. Getting a second opinion is also advisable and can not hurt.

How much should I pay for a used car?     

When looking around, you may have noticed that the same car is often priced several thousand dollars apart. Why is this?

There are usually 2 reasons why this occurs. The overall condition of one car may differ greatly from another. Perhaps there are more miles on once particular car and less on another. The body could have rust or it could have a salvage title. The possibilities are virtually endless.

The other reason is simply because the seller is pricing the car or truck to sell. There may be a pressing issue that cause the seller to drop the price low enough so that it will sell quickly. Keep in mind, if it is priced too low, you may be dealing with a scammer.

Furniture such as sofas, love seats and coffee tables

People use the Birmingham craigslist website to find super discounted deals on home goods. Have you been to the furniture store and seen the prices that are being charged? Even a bottom end sofa of love seat can cost upwards of $500. Don’t worry, Craigslist has you covered. How does a couch of $100 sound? I buy all my second hand furniture from here and will use it for several years then resell it for a profit. This is especially good for college students who are always on the go and do not  plan to move their items when they move. Here are a few common items that you can find on the Birmingham Craigslist website.

  • Couches, sofa, love seat
  • coffee tables
  • end tables
  • living room sets
  • kitchen tables
  • household appliances
  • beds
  • nightstands
  • televisions
  • area rugs

The key to buying used furniture items is to carefully inspect anything that you bring home. There can be hidden critters that hitch a ride and take up residency in your home. The best way to avoid this is to look carefully at the persons home that you are buying from. If they are clean people then you will likely not have any problems. If there is a pizza box on the floor with dried up cheese in it, look elsewhere.

Find a place to live on Craigslist

Another great use for this website is to locate your next bachelor pad. House and apartment rentals are readily found under the housing section on the main page. Here you can find everything including those who are looking to rent their homes for perhaps a season such as the summer to those looking for a roommate. There are a number of apartment rentals that appear everyday. In this area, you will likely see several dozen new listing per day as students are constantly coming and going.

House rentals can be a great choice for anyone who has a family or a few roommates who are looking to combine their resources and get a larger home.

A duplex or townhome is another great choice if there are only two people who are looking for a place. There are a number of these also available.


Looking for a part time job or perhaps a new career? Once again, you can find it here. These days, companies are looking for creative ways to attract new talent. While you may be thinking who would use Craigslist to find potential employees, the answer may surprise you. Take a look around on a daily basis for new jobs. Keep an open mind when it comes to money making opportunities but don’t be fooled by someone who is looking to scam you. These days, with the an employment shortage, there are a handful of folks out there that will try to take advantage of you. Do your research first and you will likely be okay.


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