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Troy MI used Honda Cars on Craigslist from $500 repos and impounds

There are a lot of people in the Troy Michigan area who are looking to pick up an incredible deal on a repo or impound car at the local auction that is held every month. While this can be a good place to find an excellent deal on a car, there are other ways to pick up a used Honda from $500. Many people believe that these cars do not exist in MI but the appear from time to time on CL and if you want one, you have to be fast.

Search for Accords, Civic, Pathfinder, CRV, Highlander, Passport

Everyone know that Honda makes a good car, suv or even trucks but not everyone knows the secret to finding these cars. Actually, there is no real secret except that you must know how to spot a good deal and how to act fast. While there may be a dozen Honda’s being sold on Craigslist right now for under $1000 or even $500, some of these cars have mechanical issues that will end up costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. As we all know, in the north road salt can really wreak havoc on a cars body and paint. Not to mention the structural damage that it can do to the frame. In the past, some Honda’s have been recalled due to safety concerns over rusted parts. The Passport is the most recent example as several thousand of these cars have been taken off the road. Here are a few other thing that you should look out for when buying a car in Troy MI on Craigslist. 

  1. Ensure that the exhaust system is in tact and fully functioning. A rusted exhaust system will allow fumes to enter the cabin which can be harmful or fatal. This is also a concern if you plan on having the car inspected anytime soon. Most inspection stations will fail a car that has such a condition.
  2. Brake lines have a tendency to rust and break. Don’t let this happen to you. Test the brakes and ensure that there is no fluid leaking around the lines. Having your brake lines reworked can be a very expensive project.
  3. Ensure that all body panels close correctly and are attached to the frame. I have see some amazing damage from road salt and it is important to check every area closely to make sure there is nothing in detached.
  4. Look under the hood to see the overall condition of the exposed metal. Is it a rust bucket? Think twice before buying.

Used Honda’s are all over craigslist and if you take the time to look every day you will find a car that runs for less than $500. You may also want to see what the police or DWI auction has to offer as there are many other deals to be found here. Craigslist is one of the many sources that can be used to locate the car that you need at a price that you can afford. Troy MI is also a good place to buy.

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