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Impounded vehicles and Craigslist Cars Nampa Idaho cheapest cars around

Everyone should have some type of budget and if your budget is anything like mine, there is not a whole lot of money left over at the end of the month to make a car payment. Diving a cheap old used car is a choice that many of us make because new car ownership is usually quite costly. Nampa Idaho is no exception as thousands of residents are underemployed or unemployed. Others are living on the edge only a pink slip away from the soup line. With today’s uncertain economic times, committing to a long term loan can be somewhat risky. This is why so many are turning towards Craigslist to find the cheapest cars around. Another great source of cheap cars it to check out the local police impounded car sale.

The impound sales offer buyers the opportunity to purchase cars that have be seized for a variety of reasons including dwi, drug and other charges. Here you can pick up a car for pennies on the dollar, often paying less than what people are asking on Craigslist and much less than retail. Nampa has a impound auction that runs about every month and this is the place to go when you are looking to snag a great used car deal.

If you are too crazy about driving a former criminals car then it may be best to stick to Craigslist. This website has some of the cheapest cars around all combine in one website. The format is simple and buying  a car is just as easy.

After searching and finding the car of your dreams you must properly title the car or you are going to have some serious problems. In order to do this you will first need the seller and the title. You and the seller need to visit a notary to notarize the title of the car to make it official. This usually cost about five dollars per signature but is absolutely necessary when you are buying a car this way. Never accept a title that has not been signed over properly because the Idaho DMV will simply not accept it and the seller may be nowhere to be found. The purpose of this is to ensure that the person who is selling the car to you is in fact the true owner. This prevents someone form selling a car to you if they get a hold of the title.

There are many ways to save on a used car in Nampa. With so many people who are money conscience today, you should jump on an opportunity when you see it. Great deals come and go and if you are not on top of your game your will quickly lose out. There is nothing worse than finding a really great deal then finding out that someone else grabbed it before you could get purchase it. This happens all the time when a car is posted significantly below its book value.

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