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Newton Massachusetts cheap cars on Craigslist cars – 3 things to watch out for

Just about everyone in the Newton MA area knows that Craigslist cars is the place to shop for and sell their used car. What a lot of people do not know is what to watch out for when buying a car online or a used car in general. The fact is, not everyone that you encounter if life is honest, leaving you open to a number of issues that may arise when buying a used car. This doesn’t apply to just those cars listed on craigslist, but used cars in general whether it be the roadside deal, newspaper classified, car dealer or car that you found at the car auction. Knowing what to watch out for can help to prevent you from getting ripped off by those who are interested in unloading their problems on you. Here are a few things that you should keep an eye out for.

3 things to watch for when buying a used car on craigslist

The scammer

Yes, as you may have already heard, there are scammers out there lurking the website, desperately searching for their next victim. Unfortunately, thousand of people fall victim to this each year and it is totally preventable. The car section is ideal for those looking to make a quick buck because so much money is at stake. In some cities this section has become a playground for out of the country thieves who make a nice living off of innocent victims. The best way to avoid becoming a statistic is to think logically when shopping around. Never send money to anyone for shipping cost or any other reason. This is the most played out reason and people still continue to fall for it today. Deal only locally with individuals who you have met in person. Also, remember that if a deal is to good to be true then it most likely is. Do you really think you are going to get a one year old great looking car for $1500? When in doubt pass it up. There are plenty of legit deals out there.

The fast talker

We all have run across this guy. You talk to him and he’s one smooth talker. By the time he finishes his sales pitch you confused and don’t know what to say. The fast talker will try anything to unload his car that is likely a lemon. When you get him on the phone ask him to slow down and be sure to interrupt him to ask lots of great questions. Ensure that he sticks to the topic of discussion. These guys like to avoid questions more than politicians. Once again, it may be best to pass up on this deal.

The desperate seller

While it may be true that some people really need to sell their car for a number of reasons, a desperate seller could throw up a red flag. Do you have a seller who just will not stop calling you to check up and see if you are still interested. This person probably has something to hide and you will likely get taken.

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