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Racine Wisconsin cheap cars on craiglist – How to properly inspect a used car

Racine Wisconsin residents may have considered buying a car on craigslist used cars before but simply do not understand what it takes to pick out a good one. There are several factors and components that you will want to inspect prior to making a purchase. Afterall, buying a used car is a major financial decision that you will have to deal with for many more years to come. Choosing a good used car for cheap is a great recipe for successful car purchasing online from private sellers.

The inspection process for a car

Here is  a brief summary of the items that you may want to consider when inspecting a car. This list is in no way inclusive and you should always get a second opinion with any car that you are serious about purchasing.


This is the most important component. Check all around the engine compartment including on the ground for signs of fluid leakage. Check to ensure that all fluids are topped off inluding the oil, tranny fluid, brake fluid, power steering and engine coolant. If any of these are empty or low this may be an indication of a more serious condition that should be fully inspected. Start the engine and listen to the engine. It should hum and no noticeable knocks or ticks should be present. Ensure that all belts, hoses, etc are not dried out


Test drive and ensure that this is in good working order. Look under the car and atop the transmission for any signs of fluid leak as this could indicate a potential problem. Transmissions are a very expensive component and should be considered very carefully before proceeding with a sale. Check to ensure smooth operation under load and while accelerating. Any knocks or hesitation to shift could also indicate an issue.

Body and frame

The body and frame are very important. Conduct a history report to find out about any accidents that the car may have been involved in. This is a very inexpensive process and can help you to make a decision when it comes to figuring out whether or not you would like to move on.

Brakes and suspension

These are two components that are commonly overlooked. Check to see how much life is left on your brake pads and give the car a good shake to see how the suspension reacts. A car that does a lot  of bouncing when shook may indicate that the suspension may soon need replacing. Check the stopping power of the braking system.


The exhaust system is another component that is commonly overlooked. Its job is to deliver the engines harmful exhaust fumes away from the vehicle out the back. This system should be free of rust and holes. Any distress may indicate a costly problem in the future.


Tires are expensive and perhaps one of the most important components on your car. They work to keep your car on the road. Ensure that you are buying a car with good tread.


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