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Cars on Craigslist Whittier California that are Hybrid with high MPG and four door

In recent years, California residents have seen some real troubling economic times. This couldn’t be more true for residents of  Whittier CA where unemployment still remains high and deal seeker are constantly looking for a good deal everywhere they turn. Many have discovered just how much money can be saved by purchasing a car that is used from a private seller. In the state of California the Hybrid vehicle is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to achieve a high mile per gallon rating. It is a fact that CA residents pay one of the highest rates per gallon of gasoline. The more fuel efficient your car is, the less you will end up paying for fuel on an annual basis. This number will continue to increase as the price of fuel continues to rise.

Cars with good fuel mileage

When it comes to buying fuel effecient cars, some vehicles are much easier to get a hold of while other are not. For instance, the toyota Prius has been a hot car for may years now and finding a good cheap car make take a little bit searching. Other cars are easier to find and are much less expensive. many smaller engine cars can get very high gas mileage without being equipped with battery packs. Other vehicles, such as the Chevy volt are also gaining popularity in California.

What is considered good gas mileage?

You have heard the term used loosely as many say that they get good gas mileage. While there is no official definition of this term, it can vary from one person to another. Personally, I believe that any car that get over 30 mpg on the highway is considered fuel efficient. Others would set the bar much lower such as 25 mpg while some may even say that by today’s standards, 40 mpg is more reasonable. Legislation was recently signed to increase the fuel economy of cars sold today and in the future in the United States and in California. This is especially important in states like California where pollution can be a serious problem and a health concern for many

Search for a used craigslist car

There are several places where you can find a used car that gets great fuel mileage. Today, Craigslist cars is a popular choice for CA and all across the world. This website originally started in the state of CA and has expanded across the country an into several surrounding countries. There is no better place to find a collection of used cars that are being sold by owner than on craigslist. This is also the best place to find four door hybrid cars if that is what you are interested in. This seems to be a popular choice for anyone who is environmentally conscience and are also thinking about the long term personal finance impact of owning such a car. Use craigslist to search for cars in the Whittier area and you will not be disappointed with the results.


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