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Used cars in Ogden Utah on Craigslist Cars – Mazda Miata, BMW e30, Ford probe, all under $3000

Car shoppers who are on a budget in Ogden Utah often turn to Craigslist cars in order to find a good running car for under $3000. While several residents in this area have found car for much cheaper, this seems to be the going rate if you would like a dependable every day ride. There are plenty of cars out there that offer great style without the high price tag. The Mazda Miata is one of them. These cars were produced for a short period of time and have sort of a MG midget look to them. They are fast, stylish and priced under three thousand. This makes the Miata a popular choice for someone who wants a sporty ride but has a limited budget. Many of these vehicles could be found on Craigslist in years past but today they are becoming less common, most likely due to the supply of used cars in is disappearing due to the age and high mileage of the car. Today, you are more likely to find a handful of these at your local junk yard than online. They do however exist and are an option if you are looking for a small sporty ride.

The BMW E30 has long been a favorite for those who are looking for the luxury features and name brand that BMW has to offer. This car is ahead of its time and was once a popular ride. Today, like the Miata, it is a disappearing dinasour as many of these cars are disappearing from the road. If you are looking for the E30 the you may have some luck checking out the classified ad section. Don’t pay too much for this car as parts are often expensive and hard to come by. You can expect to pay double for any repairs that this car may need. Granted, they need to be repaired less often than their counterpart.

The Ford Probe, once popular in the late 90’s can be picked up for next to nothing. Although these cars are sporty and fast, they do have several known issues and are known to break down often. In its prime, American car manufactures were not best known for the quality of vehicles that they produced. Instead, they were built cheaply and the savings was passed down to the consumer. Years later the consumer ultimately paid the price as frequent repairs become quite expensive.

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to buying a used car on craigslist. Here I mentioned only three while there are literally hundreds of more models to choose from. If you are living in Ogden and are in search of a cheap used car then this is without a doubt the way to go. Car shoppers who are looking for deeply discounted rides take advantage of the savings that is offered today when the buy a for sale by owner car or discounted vehicle at their local car dealer.

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