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Cars on Craigslist Kent Washington affordable high MPG car

Buying a car is a major financial decision whether it is a used automobile or new. Residents of Kent Washington use Craigslist to find affordable vehicles that meet their needs. In today’s economy, the price of gasoline is somewhat unpredictable. Because of this, the search for high mile per gallon or MPG cars has been off the charts in the state of Washington. Buyers are choosing the smarter option and buying a car that will get them a few more miles up the road on the same tank of gasoline. With fuel around the $4 per gallon range, this is a serious consideration when it comes to buying any used car.

These days, most four cylinder cars are fairly fuel efficient. There are however some cars that get more miles per gallon than others. There are several resources that can help you to identify these cars in order to make the best   buying decision possible. The United States government maintains a website with all of this information. They also allow individuals to chime in with their own personal experience since this can vary from one person to another and by different geographical locations.

Getting a fuel efficient car in Kent is easy to do when you first do your research. If you choose the easier method it may or may not work for you. By simply searching for the term good mpg or high mpg you will often find a list of cars on craigslist that have this posted in the advertisement. If you suspect a car may be a one that qualifies, you can often ask the seller. Many people actually track the number of miles they get on a tank. Information from the seller is perhaps the best possible source when it comes to finding the MPG information. You will of course want to verify this information before you actually purchase the car.

Some never even consider this factor. By driving a fuel efficient car, you can save thousands of dollars each and every year. While $4 a gallon doesn’t seem like much to some, it can really add up if you do a lot of driving every day. It is very easy to save several hundred dollars per month by switching to a lighter car with a smaller engine. Also, cars with manual transmissions generally get better mileage than those with automatic trannys. Right now may be a good time to learn to drive a manual transmission car. Most people in Europe drive these types of car and is is actually more uncommon to see a car that is automatic. This is mostly attributed to the fact that these cars get better gas mileage. Also, diesel cars are often more fuel efficient and cheaper to operate. This is just one more consider when shopping for a used car in WA.

Every day, there are literally dozens of new listing posted on craigslist. Keep an eye on all new postings and do your homework before buying. Buying a car is an important financial decision that should be taken seriously.

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