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Duluth Minnesota Craigslist Cars under $1000 FSBO

If you are like many people in the Duluth Minnesota area, you have likely spend a few hours on the popular website craigslist. While this is a great place to buy everything from fitness equiptment to electronics, what you may not know is that it is also great for buying used cars. Craigslist cars has been a favorite for thousands who are looking for a good used car for under $1000. With the unemployment and under employment rate higher than ever,  money is not as easy to come by these days. For this reason, auto shoppers are depending on the purchase of a FSBO car on Craigslist.

Buying a Craigslist Car Duluth MN

There are a few things that any car shopper should know before going out into great unknown. First, there are people out there that will sell you a bad car without thinking twice. This has cause great criticism for the website but it is not exclusive to CL. For this reason you should never pass up an automotive inspection prior to buying that used car. This is the most common mistake that a car buyer will make. In addition to an inspection, ensure that the car that is being sold has an asking price that is within ballpark range of the book value. While not all cars will be priced closely to this guide, it can be a great starting point. There are several items that you should take into consideration when determining the value of a car that you may be interested in.

Vehicle shopping and pricing considerations

  • Cleanliness can make a huge difference in the value of a car. A car that is old and dirty will be worth far less than a car that is old and clean. Lets face it, no one wants to buy someone else’s old dirty ride. This can also give you an idea of how well the seller took care of the mechanical maintenance.
  • Mechanical condition is very important. A car can look great but that will do you no good if it is not drive-able. This is why it is very important to check out that car before putting any money on the line.
  • Structural soundness of the car can make or break a deal. If a car is rusted badly or has been involved in several collisions then the value will be greatly reduced. This is something that will require a lot of research on your part.
  • The number of previous owners can also dictate how much a particular car is worth. One that had only one owner is usually better than one with multiple owners. Try to find that one owner car. Market condition is perhaps the greatest determining factor when it comes to establishing a cars value. For instance, if gas prices are high, fuel efficient cars will sell like hot cakes and bring top dollar while gas guzzlers will be difficult to sell and fetch a lower price. With more competition the prices will lower. Also, the time of year has a lot to do with the market price of vehicles. Starting in February, car prices begin to rise and fall through the year.

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