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Craigslist Miami Beach Florida Cars OBO “or best offer” – Cars under $1500 for sale by owner

More people today in the Miami Beach area are looking for used cars on craigslist Miami Beach. While there are several distinct advantages to buying a used car, one of the most common reasons that people choose to do so is because of the cost savings. You may not believe this but there are curves available for under $1500 and these cars actually run well. While buying a car on craigslist there is one way to tell whether or not the seller is willing to take a lower price and that is to look for the term or best offer commonly abbreviated OBO. This simply means that the seller is motivated to sell and is willing to take an offer lower than the original asking price. Whether or not the seller will take an offer substantially lower depends on how interested they are selling their car. For instance, someone who is moving soon and must sell their car because they cannot take it with them will be much more likely to sell then one who has a place to store the car and does not need the extra money. One of the greatest factors in determining what kind of deal you can pick up is knowing what the seller’s situation is.

Whenever I am searching the Miami Beach Florida craigslist website for a good deal on a car I usually type in the words or best offer to the top of the search box. Be sure that when you type this search in you include all words in the post and not just the title. Just be sure to check the box that says entire post and not the one that says title only. Perhaps the easiest way to get instant savings is to simply ask the seller if they are willing to take a certain price. Most sellers will be glad to negotiate within a couple hundred dollars while others are fairly firm on their price. Generally speaking, the longer an ad has been listed on craigslist a greater chance you may have of getting a car at a reduced rate. Most sellers will not give their car away to the first person as soon as they post it while others would rather have a quick sale than to drag it out.

Buying a used car is an affordable way to provide yourself with transportation that is reliable. When someone posts a car on craigslist they are usually aware that buyers will offer them a lower price. Because of this, the majority of sellers will post their vehicles at a much higher price than they originally anticipated. This gives them a little bit of leeway in the negotiating process. Keep this in mind when making the seller and offer and in certain circumstances it is okay to give a lowball offer. Craigslist has been helping Floridians for over a decade now get the best price for a used car. When shopping around be sure to consider all of your options before making a buying decision. A car buyer with all of the right information can really get a good deal for less than $1500 on a for sale by owner,

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