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Craigslist Santa Maria California cars with payments – car sellers that accept payments

Santa Maria California is a unique city with residents from every walk of life. Without a doubt, you will find those who are fortunate and have enough money to buy a new car and those who are less fortunate and must rely on used cars or transportation. One thing that many people are looking for when it comes to a used car is one that offers payments on craigslist. The truth is, it is very difficult to come up with a large sum of money at once to buy a car. Getting a car with payments is one way that you can afford to drive today. Unfortunately, this may be a challenging task as many private sellers are not willing to give up their cars until they have cold hard cash in hand. In order to get a seller to accept payments you must first structure a deal that appears appealing to the seller.

For instance, think about what you can give a car seller for trade in addition to some cash each month. You may have a set of rims with tires that are worth a couple hundred dollars which you can offer to the seller plus monthly car installments. If you really do not have anything to offer a seller perhaps you can suggest that the car seller keeps the title in their name until you make all the payments. Some people will go for this because they are able to confiscate the vehicle if you do not make the payments.

You may even find luck finding a buyer who is looking to sell without having all the money up front. Search on craigslist for key terms such as payment plans, accept payments, will take payments. Each day there are a handful of people who post these types of ads and will be more than willing to take your payment each and every month.

Something else that will help you to find someone who will take payments is to explain to them your job situation and your credibility. For instance, let’s say you have been holding a job for the past five years, lived in the same house for the past six years, and can give referrals to friends and family members that can vouch on your behalf. This just may be enough to get that car seller to give in and give you their vehicle on a payment plan. You may want to do all the legwork and suggest a monthly amount in the terms of the loan.explain to the seller that you are willing to pay interest on the car every month if there’re willing to take payments.

Picking up one of these deals on craigslist is going to take a bit of creative work. Put your mind to work and come up with a deal that is irresistible and pitch it to every person that you can find on craigslist who is selling a car. Eventually you’ll run across someone somewhere who is willing to help you out.

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