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Craigslist Yuma Arizona affordable Used Cars for low income -Cars for cheap without payments

Many people in the Yuma Arizona area are familiar with the craigslist website. In fact, hundreds of transactions are performed each day in the site and as we all know, buying used products can be one of the best financial decisions that one can make in a lifetime. These days, not too many people can afford to purchase a new car so used cars have become increasingly popular in the past five years. Many people are looking for cheap cars without payments and used cars on craigslist are certainly a great way to find such items.

There is actually one group that is particularly in need of affordable vehicles and that is those who have a low income. Hundreds of thousands of Arizona residents make well under $20,000 per year which makes living extremely difficult for most. Since transportation in this area requires that you own a personal automobile, buying a new car is likely not an option for many residents who have a low income. Fortunately, there are plenty of residents out there that will sell you a car for $1500 or even less. Many people have had success buying used cars for as little as $500 that actually run. Having a car without a payment can be one of the best ways to save money every month. Just think of all the money that you can set aside that you would have otherwise been spending on a car payment.

These days the average car payment is somewhere around $300 per month. Over the course of one year this is well over $3000 which could be money spent elsewhere. Not to mention, these loans can often extend upwards to five or six years, keeping you in debt for a good portion of your life. By the time that your car is paid off it is already time to go out and purchase a new one, so you’d think.many people are under the impression that fixing a used car can be very expensive. While the maintenance cost will most likely be more than what you would expect from a new car, the overall cost of ownership is far less. Think about it, as long as you have to spend less than $3000 per year on repairs you are getting a bargain.

Yuma Arizona is a great place to look for a used car as there are more than 90,000 residents in this area. With this many people around you can bet that someone is buying or selling a used car at any given moment. This is good news for you as a buyer because car sellers have a vehicle that they want to get rid of and will often let you have it for a price that is far less than what they paid for it.

Whether you are a low income residents were simply looking for a cheap car without payments craigslist is a great option for just about anyone. Always remember to consider your finances before making a decision and keep other factors in mind such as the cost of car insurance and vehicle taxes.

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