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Lawrence Kansas craigslist used cars and cheap trucks under $1000 – good running vehicles

It isn’t every day that you will run across a great deal on a used pickup truck and Lawrence Kansas for under $1000 but it does happen from time to time. The key to get in such a great deal is to always be on the lookout and set up an RSS feed on craigslist in order to catch new listings before other people see them. Setting up an RSS feed is as simple as clicking on the RSS button at the bottom of the screen whenever you perform a search. Simply put the price range of $1000 and the price field and set it and forget it. Watch your feeds for the latest updates. Whenever you see a vehicle that interests you simply contact the seller and set up a time to check out the car. I always like to first prescreened my cars before spending the time and money looking at them. Before, seller prepare a list of questions that you will ask them before looking at the car. Some examples of questions may be how many miles does have on it? Are there any major problems that you know of? What are the condition of the tires? What is the condition of the glass? Does the air conditioning and heat work? These are all great questions to ask but there are many others. Prepare a customized list of questions today you are ready whenever you speak with the seller.

Let’s be honest here, any car that you buy for $1000 is not exactly going to be a beauty. At best you will find something that runs and will get you to all of the places that you need to go in one piece. Sometimes you may want to look outside of the $1000 price range. For instance you may want to look at $1500 cars because the seller may be desperate to sell and that the car go for less than this price. It never hurts to make the seller and offer even though it may offend them. You just never know exactly how low they are willing to go until you make them an offer. The worst that they can say is no. There have been many instances where I have been pleasantly surprised by purchasing a car at a price that I would never expect. These days, you never know how desperate some one may be for a little extra cash and this simply means that you will get the best deal possible.

Everybody is looking for a good work truck for under $1000. Perhaps the best way to increase your chances of finding one of these is to purchase in the off-season which is generally around the holidays when folks are spending money and other places. One of the worst times to buy a used car is the spring months as everyone has an income tax refund check and prices are artificially inflated. Plan your car shopping experience and you can get a great deal just like everyone else who uses craigslist.

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