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Greeley Colorado craigslist cars – Carsfor500dollars looking for a $500 car on craigslist

Greeley Colorado is a small community with around 80,000 residents, many of which are blue-collar workers who are barely getting by. For many people in the Colorado area owning a car is very difficult if not impossible because of the cost of ownership. One of the biggest challenges facing Americans these days is the ability to make a monthly car payment. With many people facing bankruptcy and bad credit and all the loan is almost impossible. So what does one do that does not have credit and needs an auto loan? The best possible solution to this problem is to find a used car on craigslist. These cars can be found for as low as $500 and are usually great running cars that need a bit of cosmetic work. These days, the rate of car turned over is very quick and there are a surplus of old vehicles circulating around. A surplus of vehicles means good news for anyone who is looking for a cheap car and the Greeley Colorado area.

I’m often asked how someone can possibly find a car that actually runs for $500. Well the truth is that there are plenty of these cars out. You just have to look for them. It may be the case that you have to drive under miles or so to find his car but in the end you can really save hundreds of dollars if not thousands. Buying a $500 car is not possible unless you first check out all the listings in this price range on craigslist. Once you have located several cars: Sellers and ask them questions about the mechanical condition of the car. Perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to buying a used car is to ensure that the cars motor and tranny are still good. These are two necessary parts of the vehicle and if you do not have these and you will not be going anywhere. There are many other components that you will take into consideration but these are the most costly to replace. Another item that is a high cost is the car’s tires. Make sure that all the tires are in fair condition and will give you several more thousands of miles of use.

Speaking of tires, there are a lot of people out there who believe in buying used tires. While this may seem like a good idea, used tires often have less life you think and can be quite expensive to swap out. It is best to purchase new tires that offer a high mileage warranty. This is one area that you will not want to skimp on because tires are very important when it comes to your safety.

Buying a used car may be a little bit difficult but is deftly not impossible. If you are want to buy a car and do not know anything about vehicles that it is best to ask someone who does. Ask your father, uncle, brother, or cousin who knows about used cars before making a purchase.

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