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Albany NY Craigslist old dirt cheap pickup trucks for sale by owner – Older cars that are personally owned

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to save thousands of dollars every year is to drive an old pickup truck. This is just what many people in the Albany New York area are doing. These folks are picking up cheap used pickup trucks that are personally owned by others and using them as work vehicles or everyday drivers. Older cars often have many more years of useful life but are commonly unwanted by their owners. Carefully choosing a used car in the Albany area can really save you some money. By not being so selective when shopping for a used automobile you will likely become a someone who is very disappointed with their car buying experience. Over the years I have seen dozens of people pick up older cars on craigslist for dirt cheap. These pickup trucks often last for a decade or more and can often be resold for around the same amount that was originally paid for them. There is nothing more rewarding than picking up a good deal on an older truck. Albany New York has long been a hot spot for buying used pickup trucks. If you are ready to take the next step in buying a used car take notes as they will be helpful and can be used during research.

There are a few things that you should watch out for whatever buying a truck in this area. Perhaps the worst enemy in the north is rust caused by the salt trucks during the winter. Buying a rust bucket as they are commonly called will end up costing you a lot of money and make it very difficult to resell when you are ready. For this reason the one thing that you should oh is due is a down on the ground and luck at the condition of the vehicles chassis and body. While you cannot expect the truck to have no rust, they should be within reason for it does not interfere with the performance of the exhaust, suspension, and braking system. If you are not sure if a car is safe to buy and bring it to your mechanic and have them take a look at it. Any reasonable car seller will allow you to have your car inspected before making a purchase decision. One who is not willing to do this likely has a reason why. Have a car raised up on the rack in a garage and have them take a good look underneath to see if any problems currently exist. If you find a car that you like that has a few problems you can speak with the seller can either ask them to drop some money off the price or fix the problem before you complete the deal. Most of the time a car seller will be willing to knock off a few hundred dollars for any necessary repairs. Very rarely will you find someone who is willing to make the repairs in order to complete the sales transaction.

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