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Kenosha Wisconsin craigslist cars by owner – how to finance your vehicle in Kenosha WI

Kenosha Wisconsin is considered a bedroom community and attracts people from as far away as Illinois. The craigslist website in this area is fairly active with people who are buying and selling used cars. Craigslist is an excellent resource used by thousands of people all across the city each and every day. Whether you are looking to buy a car or sell a car, this is the place to go if you would like to get a good response.

Those who are looking to sell their vehicle are likely interested in getting rid of the car as quickly as possible and making the most money. One way of doing this is to offer your car with financing. Since many people do not offer this option you’ll get a tremendous response. As a seller you will want to ensure that you get paid for your car and somebody does not walk away leaving you with the bill. There are certain steps that you should take to ensure that your interest is secured in the vehicle.

When selling a used car and providing financing you will first want to create a contract that spells out everything that is expected from both you and the seller. Somewhere in the contract you will want to express that the vehicle is being offered as is with no warranty implied whatsoever. This simply means that if the car stops running tomorrow the buyer is still liable for making the payments. Carefully spell out exactly how much is the each and every month and the entire duration of the loan. For example, your statement may say that the buyer pays the $300 per month for the next 36 months and if all payments are made on time the car will become theres on February 2015. Doing so will help prevent confusion later on down the road.

One other important consideration that you should put your contract is the fact that the seller must at all times Cary comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive insurance simply means that the driver should have full coverage on the vehicle with you listed as the primary beneficiary. In addition, when you get to be the title work you will want to list yourself as a lien holder this way the title actually goes to your address and is not signed over until the contract has been successfully completed. Until then you should not sign the car title over.

A word of caution to anyone who was looking to you under finance their vehicle. There is a possibility of the person you are selling your car to leave town and you never see your vehicle again. This is why it is extremely important to be selective when choosing a buyer. Collect as much information as possible including next to and telephone numbers so that you can contact them in the event that you cannot find a buyer. Use a little bit of common sense and your instincts to help you when choosing a buyer.

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