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Cars on Craigslist Temecula California by owner – How to find people that take payments

Thousands of people in the Temecula California area buy a used car every year. An increasing number of individuals are choosing to purchase a by owner car because they are able to save hundreds and possibly even thousands of dollars. With today’s economic uncertainty people in California are less willing to take on the risk of buying an expensive car and not knowing if they are going to have a job tomorrow.

You may be asking how can I buy a used car and craigslist if I do not have any cash. Well of course it is always good to consider all your options such as taking out a small loan from your local community bank or taking a cash advance on your credit card. Depending on your credit, this may not be the best financial decision for you. Believe it or not there are people on craigslist who understand that we all fall short on credit from time to time and could use a helping hand. Some of these people are willing to take a small down payment such as $1000 and finance the remainder of the balance. This makes it possible for just about anyone to have a car no matter what your financial situation may be.

Finding individuals who are willing to finance a car for you can take a lot of work but is in fact possible. In order to find these people you will need to know the right keywords to type into the search box. Try using words such as owner financing, will finance, will take payments, and down payment. While there is not nearly as large of a selection of cars that can be found using this method, there is likely a dozen or so in the Temecula area. Your job is to find these people while avoiding those out there who are trying to scam you and take your money. Remember that it is always a good idea to get a bill of sale. The seller of the vehicle will hold the title until all payments are made.

Owner financing is a very simple process that starts with a written agreement spelling out the interest rate in all of the terms. You will want to have in writing with the monthly expected payments are, penalties for missing a payment, and the duration of the loan. All of this information is necessary to protect not only the seller but also with you. Without it, the seller will have a very difficult time getting paid and may even repossess your car for missing just one payment.

Buying another finance for sale by owner car is one way that a person without any cash can drive. There are other people in craigslist who are willing to trade an item for a vehicle. For example, someone may be willing to trade a bedroom set for a vehicle or even hunting gear. There is always an opportunity to wheel and deal on craigslist so be creative and you can become the next one to land a great deal on your used car.

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