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Rialto CA craigslist used cars and trucks under $1500 are a bargain

The city of Rialto has numerous people working in the distribution industry. With the recent downturn in the economy in 2008, many of these people are out of work and in need of a vehicle. As we all know, it is very difficult to obtain financing for a vehicle if you do not have any type or source of income. For this very reason many people are turning to website such as craigslist to buy everything from household items to automobiles. Even those with only $1500 in their pocket have a chance to own a vehicle. We’re not talking about a clunker that does not start every time. You can really find some great deals on cars, especially high mileage vehicles on this website. While many people have heard of this method the buying a car, many are left wondering exactly how to purchase a car that is for sale by owner. The process of obtaining a vehicle using this method is very similar to that of purchasing from a car dealer. There are however a few differences between the two.

Picking up that $1500 vehicle in Rialto all begins with searching the craigslist website for cars that are within this price range. Doing so is very simple and only takes a few seconds when you properly use the search feature. Begin by going to the craigslist website and choosing the autos for sale by owner. Simply enter the desired price which is $1500 and then conduct a search. Take a look through the search results. Is this what you were expecting? If not then you may want to check out the suggested all the autos in the nearby area. You’ll often find the exact car that you are interested and only a few miles away from your hometown. The additional savings may be well worth the time and gas money that it takes to check out these cars.

Much like interviewing an individual for a job, you will need to call all the sellers that have a car that you are interested in and ask them several questions about their car. You may want to ask how many miles it has or perhaps if it has any major mechanical problems. Keep in mind that you will not want to take their word for it and you should have your car checked out before making that purchase.

After deciding on a car the next step is to have the title notarized at the public notary. It is also a good idea to write up a bill of sale because many areas require this whenever you go to apply for a title. They can also be to your benefit because they may tax you on the sales price of the car and not necessarily the retail value.

If all this seems like a lot of information to take in and you are still not sure about buying a used car from a private party then it may be a good idea to stick with the car dealer. They can offer additional support beyond the sale such is a warranty.

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