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Craigslist Murrieta California used cars with bad credit unsecured personal loans

Located in Riverside County California, Murrieta has become increasingly popular over the years as more people move to this area. In just the last 10 years the population has doubled in size as more people move to the area in search of work. Many of these people are having credit issues which prohibits them from going to a car lot and purchasing a new car. Luckily there are people out there who can assist you with financing a car and getting you on the road to freedom.

If you are interested in buying a used car on craigslist and do not have the funds to do so there are a handful of banks that are willing to give you a personal installment loan. These installment loans can be used for purchases such as the automobile and can be taken out for as much as $3000 depending on which thank you consult with. Many people today are choosing this option because cash advances on credit cards can be extremely expensive and the high interest rates will often leave you in debt for many more years to come. There is however a downside to picking up an unsecured bad credit loan. The obvious is the high interest rate that comes with these loans. Some borrowers are asking for as much as 25% for a personal loan to buy a car. The reason behind this is because there is quite a bit of risk involved with loaning money to people with bad credit. The high interest rate insures that the lending bank receives an overall decent return on investment.

After you have obtained financing for your used car shop craigslist and look for cars that are under $2500. You may be surprised with just how many of these vehicles are in your area. People often sell their used cars for a fraction of the price that you would find anywhere else. With money in hand, start shopping around and negotiating with sellers. Since almost every seller on this website will only accept cash, there is no need to mention that you will be paying with cash. Many people assume that having cash is going to give them a better price but the reality is that it is uncommon for anyone to accept personal checks or take installments.

So you have found the car of your dreams? You may be asking what should I do next? The very first thing that you should do when buying a used car is have it looked at by a mechanic in your local area that you trust. Be sure to check out all of the cars components from the engine to the transmission and everything in between. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect use car. Every car comes with some type of issue whether it is large or small. The key is to find a car with the least amount of problems and with low mileage. This will provide you with many more years of reliable transportation for you and your family.

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