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How Do I Trade in a Car on Craigslist? – Cars for Trade on Craigslist

We all eventually need or desire a new car. Some people wonder how do I trade in a car on Craigslist. The process of trading one car for another is a little bit different than showing up at a car lot with one car and leaving with another. This process often takes creative thinking and the ability to bargain with other car sellers. Trading in a vehicle on craigslist is something that virtually anyone can do yet many choose not to because it requires a bit of leg work. If you are ready to turn that old clunker into something newer, I have the advice that you need in order to do so.

Trading in your used car on Craigslist

Have you been thinking about trading in the old rag? Many people don’t know this but you can trade in that rusted, dusted or busted ride on craigslist and get into something newer and more fashionable. Doing this takes a little bit of time and effort but can easily be accomplished by anyone motivated enough to do so. There are two different ways that you can trade in your car. One involves a straight up trade while the other requires that you first sell your car and the purchase another. The method that you use greatly depends on your individual circumstances.

Trading up your car even trade

Perhaps you are looking to trade up your car. The first thing that you should do is locate a seller who is also looking to trade. Use the keyword finder to locate these people. While you are at it, create your own ad to let everyone know that you are looking to swap rides. If you find someone who has a similar interest in exchanging vehicles then the rest of the process is fairly simple.

The two of you need to grab you photo ID along with your car title and a bill of sale. You can create your own bill of sale of grab one from the Internet. The bill of sale should say that you agree to sell your car for $1 or something to this effect. In fact, both bill of sales should say this. Have the public notary confirm the documents and each of you can sign over your cars. Be sure to take note of any liens on the title before signing over the car. They should be documented on the title. If a lien is present, have it cleared by the lender before proceeding.

Sell your car and buy another

Some have this option while others do not. If you have a bit of extra time to look for a car after yours is sold or have the extra money to purchase another car first, this is the better option. With selling your car first and buying another you will have more options when it comes to making a new car selection. Start by creating an advertisement and posting it on the Craigslist website. At the same time you can start looking for a vehicle that meets your needs. Once you have located this car, purchase it like any other used car by having the title signed over.

Cars for trade on Craigslist

While looking for a car to trade on craigslist you should be careful with the people that you deal with. While it is not always true, there are some out there that are looking to dump their car with problems and pick up a good running car. This is why it has never been so important to check out any car that you may be interested in purchasing. Trading a used car on craigslist is a major decision that requires just as much thought as purchasing a used car. Make the wrong move and you may end up paying for it for many more years to come. Make the right move and you can easily.

Trade comparable cars

Don’t settle for less. If you are looking to trade your car in, try to find something that is comparable to the car that you currently have. For instance, get one that has similar mileage and is a similar age. Also, if you own a BWM don’t trade if for a Ford. Just a little common sense here. In short, don’t short change yourself. If it is not a good deal for your then you should probably skip over it.

Even car trades

Making an even trade is perhaps the easiest transaction when it comes to trading a car. If one party ends up trading their car for another and some extra cash then this needs to be written into the bill of sale. One bill of sales should say that the vehicle is being sold for a dollar while the other should specify the additional money required to close the deal.

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