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F150 Pickup Trucks on Craigslist Under $1000 – Craigslist Classifieds Offer Cheap Ford Trucks for Sale

A pickup truck is one of the most versatile vehicles on the road today. After all, what other type of automobile can you hall dirt with, transport a family, pull a boat and tailgate with. The Ford F150 is America’s best selling truck and one of the best selling vehicles hands down. Being that it is most popular, there is certainly no shortage when it comes to finding one of these. Finding a running truck in this price range may be a little bit more difficult. It has been said that any truck that runs is worth $1000 but this may not always be the case. Even the Craigslist Classifieds has its fair share of problematic vehicles.

One of the biggest problems that I always run into when looking for a truck this cheap is higher mileage. The definition of high mileage may vary from person to person but I define it as over 150k miles. Today’s newer automobiles last for well over 100k as long as they are taken care of. There are several instances when a high mileage truck will work for you. First you must take several factors into consideration before committing to such a purchase. For instance, a newer truck with high mileage likely indicates that this truck was used to transport items. This means that several miles were probably added while traveling on the highway. This is a good thing because there will be less components wore out that typically wear during stop and go traffic. In addition, the engine and engine compartment components generally stay cooler because cold air is constantly being introduced into the car.

Another consideration is the purpose for which you plan to use the truck. One with 250k miles may not be the smartest choice if you plan to drive it every day. However, this would be a great choice for anyone who needs a truck for the occasional trip to Lowes or the dump on the weekend. Perhaps you need to haul items on a regular basis but dependability is not as important to you. In this case, an older high mileage truck may do the trick.

When shopping, don’t search only for the f150. There are lots of other great trucks out there such as the Chevy Silverado 1500 and the Toyota Tundra. The Nissan Frontier or Ford Ranger is not a bad choice if you are looking for a smaller truck to get the job done. One advantage of having a smaller truck is the use of gasoline. Many small trucks come with a 4 cylinder engine which can really be a gas saver. With gas prices topping out at $4 per gallon, who can’t use a little relief at the pump?

Owning a truck is a great asset for any homeowner. A word of caution is that once you own a truck, you will make all sorts of new friends that want to use your truck. Remember to just say no to these people.

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