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San Jose Ca Craigslist Online Sells Cars Faster

One of the hottest cities in the United States to sell a car is San Jose CA. Here you will find a constant flow of people coming and going from the city in search of a vehicle. There isn’t a day that goes by that droves of people are not looking at Craigslist San Jose CA for a used car to get them around the city. It is a fact that in today’s modern day life it’s nearly impossible to function from day to day without a ride. More than likely a bike is not acceptable and walking will take too long. Here is what you need to know in order to sell your vehicle fast.

Price gas guzzlers to sell

Selling a gas guzzler during economic times such as today with high gas prices in nearly impossible. If you are serious about selling a real gas hog then you better price it to sell. Let’s face the facts; no one wants to spend $400 a week filling up their gas tank. You can unload that hog on someone else, letting them pay the gas bill while you drive off in your new fuel efficient vehicle. I would aim to sell your car for less than its current book value. Someone will see a deal and snatch it up without thinking twice.

Practice safety when selling

Everyone has heard about deals that did not go well online. While this can not be avoided you can exercise caution when shopping for a used car. There are several scams circulating the Internet. Some of these scams are obvious while others are not so obvious. Just remember to deal with cash only and meet the buyer in a public place. There will less likely be an incident if other people are around to witness it. It is also a great idea to bring along a good friend or two so that you are not along while showing your car. Ask the buyer for a driver’s license before letting them drive your car. You may be surprised but there are people out there that test drive cars and go on joy rides.

Be sure to properly title your car

One of the final steps that you should do when selling a car is to sign over the title. This should only be done with cash in hand. Take the title to a trusted notary and have them review it. Both the buyer and the seller must present identification to verify that they are who they say that they are. This is not only the law but will make both you and the buyer feel good about the transaction. Be sure to write out a bill of sale and give a copy to the buyer. Have the buyer sign the copy before you depart. The bill of sale proves that the car no longer belongs to you and is not your responsibility. It is also a great idea to put the words “sold as is with no warranty” in your bill of sale so that the buyer does not try to come back and get their money when something goes wrong.

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