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How to Sell a Car Privately in San Antonio Texas on Craigslist – FSBO Car Selling Tips

In today’s economy, many people in the San Antonio TX area are choosing to sell their car privately, avoiding the inevitable of trading it in at the local car lot. Selling your own car can be a great way to squeeze a few extra dollars out of your automobile before turning over the keys. Many people are hesitant to sell their car because they do not understand the process of selling a car in Texas. As a previous used car seller, I am here to tell you that the process is as easy as making toast. It just involves a little bit of time on your part and some patients. There are a few things that you will want to keep in mind when dealing with a used car transaction. First order of business is to avoid the used car scammers.

Avoid scams on the internet

It goes without saying that there are numerous scams going on in today’s society. Every day, thousands of dollars are lost to those who become victims of this crime. Avoiding scams is not always the easiest thing to do but by simply being aware of the possibilities out there can really lessen your chances of becoming a victim. Here are a few scams that you will want to watch out for.

Deal only locally

Most scams on Craigslist San Antonio Tx involve dealing with someone who is out of town or most likely out of the country. Tell the potential buyer to get back with you when they are in town and do not bother communicating with them until they are ready to meet in person. It is way too easy for someone to pull this scam off behind a computer somewhere in Nigeria.

Accept only cash

Tell the car buyer to leave their checkbook at home and bring only cold cash. You should accept only cash for your vehicle, no matter what the circumstances may be. Remember, money talks and everything else walks.

Practice your negotiation skills for the most money

If you want to get the most cash for your car then you will have to learn to negotiate. You never know what type of seller you are about to deal with so come prepared. Negotiating is a skill that is learned over time but you can pick up a couple books and learn the basics in just a few days. Learn how to squeeze the most money out of your seller while giving them the impression that they are receiving a great deal. You may be surprised with the amount of additional money that you can pick up by saying a few simple words.

In order to sell your car you will need to list it online and post it in the local paper or even in a car magazine. Respond to buyers phone calls and show them the vehicle. Once you have agreed upon a price have the title signed over with a notary and collect the cash. Selling your used car in Texas is just that easy.

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