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Save Thousands by Selling Your Own Car in New York

If you are like millions of other Americans, you probably purchase a new vehicle every 4 years or so. Most simply trade in their car and receive what they believe is a good deal. During my lifetime, I have heard dozens of friends and family members tell me about the large sum of money that the car salesman gave them for their old clunker. I always silently chuckle knowing that they just got bamboozled.

In all honesty, it is almost always to your advantage if you sell your own car. While car salesmen will make the deal look great on paper, you are better off buying a car outright and keeping your old vehicle to sell on Craigslist. Almost always, your car will be sold off at auction for just a few hundred dollars or sold to a lower end dealer who deals with these types of transactions.

To an inexperienced car seller, completing a car sales transaction may seem nearly impossible. The reality is just about anyone is capable of selling their own car. The process is very simple and starts by preparing your car for showing.

Make Your Car Look It’s Best

If you want to get the most money for your car, you will need to get it in top shape. Start by addressing any obvious car issues that may drive away a potential seller. For instance, if you have a CV axle that makes a noise, spend a couple hundred dollars and have it fixed. Those who know nothing about cars are easily scared away by any type of noise that the car makes.

Once any major issues are addressed, roll up your sleeves and start cleaning. A clean car sells much easier and for a lot more than a dirty neglected one. Spend a few hours cleaning it up the best that you can. If you are not into cleaning take your car to a detailing shop and pay them a couple hundred dollars to do your dirty work.

Take Pictures and Post an Ad on Craigslist

Grab that digital camera and snap some pictures of the interior and exterior of you car. A dozen or so pictures should do the trick. On craigslist, you can only upload four small pictures so it may be a good idea to check out an image hosting website. There are several free ones available on the internet.

Create an appealing ad that highlights all of your cars features. You will want to also list a fair asking price that is in line with the price that others are selling theirs for. In this case it is important to stay competitive by pricing your car accordingly. New York Craigslist is very competitive and you will not receive any phone calls if you ask too much for your car.

Find a Seller and Take Cash Only

Once you have located a seller, take the title to a notary and accept cash as payment. Do not accept personal checks or money orders. Cold cash will only work in this instance. It is also a great idea to write out a bill of sale and put the words “as is” with no warranty.

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