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Craigslist Cars Finger Lakes New York – Buy Used Cars or Sell in Finger Lake NY

If you are like many people in the York area, you may have been considering opening a used car. After all, everyone knows that used cars are much less expensive to own than new cars. In today’s economy, more people than ever are considering the purchase of a used automobile. There are several resources where you can find these cars, one of them being Craigslist Cars Finger Lakes New York. In addition to craigslist there are literally hundreds of different sites on the Internet that allow you to buy or sell used cars. If you have a nature used for you’re looking to sell and craigslist is perhaps the most cost-effective way to sell your vehicle. After all, there is no charge to post your used car on this website.

In order to sell used car you have to make it look as good as possible. Many car buyers shop on the appearance of the vehicle and not necessarily are mechanical soundness. Presenting a used car is 90% of the battle. You will first want to start by detailing the car inside and out. Pick up a decent buffer along with buffing compound to bring back that shine that your vehicle once had. This compound does a great job at removing the layer of oxidation that many cars received after only a few years of being out in the elements. Was the car has been buffed, finish it off with a good soft wax. In addition, you will also want to clean the vehicle wheels and sprayed perfect in all plastic surfaces to give a brilliant shine.

Now that the outside is finished, get started on detailing the inside. Use a good strong shot back to suck out every square inch of the car. Spray the interior with a good carpet cleaner to loosen up soil that is deep down inside. Come back with a water extractor to remove dirt and grime. Use compressed air to remove dust from ducts and other areas that are hard to reach. Remember, a car with a detailed appearance will sell much faster than one that has not been detailed. Keep this in mind as you clean out your vehicle.

Once everything has been cleaned up it is time to post an ad on craigslist. Posted in that it is easier than ever and all you need to do is sign up for account and get started. Take a few pictures of the inside and the outside of the car and add them to your advertisement. Write a descriptive ad which highlights all of the important features of the car including the number of miles, year make and model, all features including power windows, power locks, power mirrors, and anything else you can think of. When writing your ad you will want to avoid any negative feedback that you have on your vehicle. Be sure to be honest with the car buyer if they ask you any questions however it is not necessary to reveal information such as the car could use a new paint job or needs new tires.

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