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Craigslist Cars Jacksonville NC – Camp Lejeune Used Cars and Motorcycles

For those of you who are not familiar with the Jacksonville this city is located in the eastern part of North Carolina and is home to thousands of residents. Perhaps one of the largest influences in the area is the Marine base at Camp Lejeune. Each year, thousands of Marines come and go. Craigslist cars Jacksonville North Carolina is filled with great deals from soldiers who were getting ready to deploy. Some of these soldiers are not willing to pay the cost of storage while they’re overseas. When deployed, they may be overseas for several years and rack up a rather large storage bill. In order to avoid this, they post their cars for sale on craigslist and simply purchase a new one when they come back to the states. This is great news for anyone who is looking to buy a car because there are literally thousands of cars being sold each and every day.

If you are looking for a really good deal on a used car then listen up soldier. Check out the craigslist in Jacksonville and look under the used car motorcycle  and truck category. Once you have arrived you will want to use the search box to search for specific keywords such as deployed or deployment. These words can signal that the car seller is extremely interested in getting rid of their vehicle and will pretty much give it away. The key here is to find someone who is leaving in a short period of time, say a week or so. When it comes to last-minute they will be more accepting of a lowball offer. Look for these people and write down their phone numbers. If they do not have a phone number you will want to e-mail them and obtain their contact information. Once you have contacted them, ask them what the lowest price they would take for their car.

Upon arrival to look at the vehicle you’ll want to find a reason to lower the price even further. Point out to the seller any defects that the car may have and get him to come down on this price even further. If you are not experienced at car buying or know nothing about a vehicle then this may be a good time to bring along a friend who does. And bringing a long any one is better than come in alone if you do not know how to buy a used car. Keep in mind that the object of the game is to get the car or motorcycle that you are interested in at the lowest price possible. Great deals happen every day and if you use your expert negotiation skills you can also get a great deal on a used car.

Hickory Lenoir NC Craigslist Cars is another great place to find car deals in North Carolina. While this may be on the other side of the state it is only a short drive and can be a great time to take a weekend vacation and look at cars. Remember, if a deal is good enough it is almost always worth driving for especially if you plan to do something else while you’re in the area.

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