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Craigslist Cars Boone NC – Appalachian State Students Find Great Deals on Craigslist Cars

Many of us can remember her college years when money was especially tight and we were barely getting by. Back in the day college students would often purchases beat up cars from other students or find them in the local classifieds section. Today, craigslist cars Boone North Carolina has replaced the traditional ways of finding used cars. If you’re a student attending Appalachian State University then this is probably one of the best ways to find a used car in the Boone area.

If your Ramen noodle budget has you running for a cheap car under $1000, craigslist cars is the solution. Many students will purchase a car for $1000, drive it for four years and sell it for $1000. The only thing that it will cost you is the cost of repairs in addition to the standard costs such as insurance and gasoline. During your college years you will likely be living on a budget of less than $1000 per month. With this kind of budget it is difficult to pay rent and pay for groceries, never mind coming up with an additional $400 per month for a car payment. While there are many loan sharks that would be glad to give you a loan, this may not be the best solution for your problem. Saving all of your money and purchasing with cash is perhaps the best way to drive for the least amount of money.

One nice thing about the Boone craigslist website is that you will be dealing with other students. In fact, the majority of posters on this website do in fact attend App State university so you do not have to worry about running across too many creepy people. While the possibility is always there, it is important not to let your guard down and not to give in to all the scammers that exist online. While the odds of you getting caught up in a scam are unlikely it is always important to keep this in mind when shopping around for a used automobile.

Remember, anything that you are about to purchase you must always take it on a test drive. Jump in the driver seat and turn the radio down so that you can hear how the vehicle runs. Look for signs of possible problems such as engine chattering, stalling, or even backfiring. If you notice any issues they would probably be a good idea to have someone check them out before going any further. The owner should gladly allow you to examine the car by bringing it to a mechanic. If this is not the case, the seller likely has something to hide.

Craigslist cars eastern North Carolina is yet another site that has quite a few students on it thanks to the nearby East Carolina University. At this school students know more than how to party hard. They know where to go when it comes to getting a great deal on a used car. If you are willing to travel across the state then this could be a great place to pick up your next used car at a reasonable price. When you are done with it you can sell it to someone else, possibly for a profit.

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