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Statesboro Georgia Craigslist Cars and Low Mileage Trucks – Signs of a Vehicle Collision

Many different people are quick to offer advice when it comes to buying a used car on Statesboro Georgia Craigslist. As an avid craigslist car buyer I must warn you that you should take all advice with a grain of salt. You see, there are many people out there who think that they know what it takes to buy a used car but are merely novice who have never changed their and oil. Buying a used car is a much riskier venture than many people realize. Make sure that you have the right people on your team before making this leap. If you are an experienced mechanic then there is no need to seek help. All others may want to read this bit of advice on buying a car that has been involved in a collision.

I will start with a personal story about an experience purchasing a used car at a young age. At age 16 I purchased my first vehicle by myself. It was a used Chevy Corsica with over 150,000 miles. The car looks great and drove very well. I spend my hard earned savings on this vehicle without ever knowing that it was involved in a collision. Why is this important you ask? Cars that have been involved in a major collision often have hidden problems that a car buyer may not notice for several months. In my case, it was only a couple of months before I realized what had happened. The car that I purchased had been involved in a collision in which caused the frame to bend. I only found this information out after I had conducted a history report. As a result of the accident, the frame was bent and would go through a set of tires in about four months. The edges of the tire would wear while the rest of the tires never touch the ground. There was nothing I could do because it was a frame issue.

So how can you tell if a car has been involved in a collision? The best possible way is to pay for a history report but before you do this there are a few checks that you can do. Start out by getting down on the ground and looking under the frame for signs of damage. When a vehicle is put back together there will still be evidence that need for panels of collision. Something else that you want to do is look at the gap between body panels to ensure that there is an even all the way around.

NW Georgia Craigslist Cars are much less expensive than purchasing new and can really save you a ton of money each month. Bargain car shoppers know where to go to find great deals for under $1000. Be sure to inspect your car closely for signs of collision and you will be one step closer to buying a solid car. Remember; only seek advice from those who are experienced in car buying in order to avoid a costly mistake.

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