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South Florida Craigslist Cars Cheap Used Cars – South FL Used Car Inspection Tips

Each day, more people are becoming familiar with the popular website South Florida Craigslist Cars. Take one look and you will quickly see that there are many reasons why (hundreds of reasons actually). If you are looking for a cheap ride that will get you around town and to work, buying a used car may be the best option for you. There is no denying that owning a car these days is more expensive than ever. Those less unfortunate are not able to pay the high price of owning a new car. Alternatively, used cars on craigslist provide basic transportation to those in need.

How to Inspect a Used Craigslist Car

Although inspecting a car is best left up to the professionals, an individual can check out several things before considering the purchase of a car. The first thing that you will want to look at is the overall condition of the car. Walk around it and look for signs of abuse. It is usually fairly apparent when you run across a car that has not been taken care of. It lacks luster and may be a bit beat up. Take a look at every square inch of that car from under the hood to in the trunk. You never know what may lurk in unsuspecting areas of the car you are about to purchase. For instance, look in the spare tire compartment for water collection. Check out the floorboards for signs of dampness.

Once you have given the car a quick look over, check out the condition of the tires. Tires are important and often overlooked when purchasing a car. Most car tires can cost you more than $100 plus installation cost. Look closely at the amount of tread that is left. Also identify any signs of air bubbles in the tire walls.

Walk around and look at all the windows and windshields. Inspect for cracks, chips and nicks. New glass can be expensive and is often required in order to pass a state inspection. For instance, a new front windshield can cost in excess of $500. Sometimes chips can be repaired if caught in time. You can purchase a kit from your local parts store and attempt this yourself or just pay the glass guy about $50 and he will take care of it for you.

When it comes to inspecting the engine or transmission, it is best to let someone who know what they are doing take a look at this. Since these are very expensive components, buying a car with a bad engine or power train can be a very costly mistake. Call up your mechanic and see if he can take a quick look at the car you are about to purchase.

Craigslist Cars Okaloosa Walton Florida offers a ton more cars and trucks for sale. Make no mistake about it, when it comes to buying a cheap used car, this is surely the way to go. Right now, the name craigslist is a household name and is the first thing that anyone will blurt out if you ask them where to find a car or used truck.

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