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How to Improve Your Chances of Selling a Used Car on Craigslist

There is no exact science to selling your old used car. In all honesty, the time frame in which you sell your vehicle is greatly dependent on market condition. For instance, used cars sell a lot slower around the holidays. This is probably because most people are saving their money for Christmas and are not thinking about getting a new ride. When February or March comes along, cash starts to flow once again due to money returned by the federal government for taxes. If you are waiting for the perfect time to sell that used car then this would be the best time. In other words, the best time is when people have money.

On several occasions, I recall purchasing some real clunkers right before Christmas. These cars would sit for several months and no one was interested. Once tax refund time came around they would fly off the shelf like hotcakes. It goes to show that timing is everything. What if you need to sell your car now and can not wait until the peak months? There are a few things that you can do in order to improve your chances of a successful sale.

Create an Attractive Advertisement

Any old run-of-the-mill advertisement is not going to work here. You need something that is going to stand out against your competition. In order to make your ad attractive you are going to need pictures and lots of them. Use a free picture hosting service such as Photobucket and paste the HTML code into your Craigslist advertisement. You can post dozens of large high quality pictures that no one else has. In addition, you may also want to add a long string of keywords to the bottom of your ad. This sting of keywords will bring up your ad if anyone types in any of these words. For instance, if you are trying to sell a Chevy Silverado Truck you may want to include the keywords Chevy truck, Chevrolet Truck, Chevrolet pickup, Chevy 1500 Chevrolet 1500, work truck, you get the idea.

Price to Sell

Perhaps the only thing that is holding you back from getting a sale is that your price is too high. Have you looked around at your competition? If a competitor is selling the same car for $2,000 less then you are obviously way out of range. Try lowering your price each week by a set amount until you begin to gain interest. The set amount may be $100 or even $500 a week. This is all dependent upon how quickly you would like to sell. Make you prices end in “99” for instance, $1,399, $1,999, or even $2,499. There is reason why retailers do this and it can be a very effective tool.

Make It Look the Best

Nothing sells a car quicker than a clean one. Take a day or two and give her a good cleaning. If you do not have time to do this then bring it to a detailer who will gladly do it for $100 or so. This will be money well spent if you can sell your car quicker. There are a lot of buyers out there that will buy a car that looks good and does not smoke. Don’t forget to do a little cleaning under the hood. While you are at it, give her a fresh oil change to give the impression that you take care of your cars.

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