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3 Tips That Can Save You Hundreds While Buying a Used Car

Today, several of us face tough financial situations that were unimaginable ten years ago. For many, buying a new car is no longer an option due to past credit problems. Others simply are not able to afford the expenses that come with owning a new car. Whatever the case may be, millions of Americans are turning to websites such as Craigslist Cars or Cars.com to buy a used car. Buying a pre owned car can get you on the road, even if you do not have stealer credit. You may be saying easier said than done. Many have the same feelings towards buying a used car. They do not know what to look for or how much to pay. Here are three tips that can prevent you from paying too much for a used car.

Put On Your Poker Face

So you found the car that you really want and can barely contain yourself. Letting the seller know that you have an emotional connection with a particular vehicle gives them the advantage. Even if you are really interested in the car, let the seller know that you have other options and would consider if he or she lowered their price. The majority of times a seller will offer to shave off a few hundred from the asking price. If you seem excited about the car, the seller will likely not budge because they know you will get the car either way. Use this tip and instantly save a few hundred dollars.

Do Not Emotionally Commit To a Car

The last thing you want to do is become emotionally attached to a particular car. Remember that a vehicle is only a piece of metal that gets you from here to there. There are plenty of cars out there to choose from so you do not have to jump on the very first opportunity. Explore all of your options prior to making a decision. The best decisions are made when you have a day or two to think about it. If a couple days have passed and you are still interested in a car, move forward. Perhaps the vehicle is no longer available. Don’t sweat it, there are plenty more to choose from.

Keep Your Options Open

Having options translates to you being in control. This is true for many things in life including buying a used car. Before deciding on a particular car, have a few in mind and choose only after you have weighted all of your options and are 100% certain. There is no worse feeling than buying something and soon realize that you paid entirely too much. By weighing your options and making an informed decision, you should not have a problem saving several hundred dollars on your next used car.

There are literally dozens of ways to save while buying a used car. Check back for the follow up to this article for more money saving tips that can be used when buying a used car.

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