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Personal Safety Tips to Consider When Buying Craigslist Cars

You have probably heard the stories before about the Craigslist killer. Your mother probably told you not to interact with people online. These days it is important to consider your personal safety every minute, every day.

While the stories that you hear may or may no be true, the reality is that you are just as likely to encounter a mugger by simply responding to a newspaper classified ad. While you shouldn’t burry your head in the sand and pretend there is not a problem, there is no need to excessively worry about your safety while shopping for a car on Craigslist. Crimes occur in many different settings in towns all across America every day. There is no need to worry over criminals on the internet. You likely walk or drive past several criminals on your way to work each day.

Here are a few simple rules that you can follow in order to ensure your safety.

1. Meet the car buyer or car seller is a public place such as a restaurant or gas station. Meeting someone at an address increases your risk of something happening. The seller or buyer should be more than willing to travel a couple miles to meet you. If not, there are plenty of people that will.
2. Bring along a close friend. Having someone with you greatly reduces your risk of being robbed. The more the merrier. Take all of your friends when you go to look at a vehicle. Having several friends with you can greatly reduce your risk.
3. Don’t forget your cell phone. Your cell phone can be a lifeline when something goes down. Don’t forget to take it along with you. If you go by yourself, take a backup phone just incase.
4. Do not carry large sums of cash. Don’t let the seller know that you are coming to them with a large amount of cash. Speak with the seller and let them know that you are casually looking at cars and are not interested in purchasing anything today. If the other person believes that you do not have any cash they may think twice. If you do decide to bring along cash, do not let the seller know until you are about to sign over the title.
5. Trust your gut feeling. We are all equipped with an internal feature that lets us know that something just isn’t right. If you get this feeling then it is best to remove yourself from the situation.

Being a target of a crime on Craigslist Cars is always a possibility but it is very unlikely to happen to you. Keep your guard up and shop smart. This website is an excellent service that can be abused. Do not hesitate to shop around for your next used car but do so with caution. Every day, hundreds of people buy used cars all across the nation with little to no incidents. Don’t give in to the media hype. Buy your next used car online and save a ton of cash.

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