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Phoenix AZ Craigslist – Buying a Used Car That Can Survive the Summer Heat

If you are one of the lucky 1.5 million people who live in Phoenix Arizona, you may be a bit concerned about buying a used car from either a dealership or a private individual in your area. Perhaps one of the most common problems that locals face in the Phoenix occurs in the area is their vehicles overheating. With summer temperatures reaching well into the triple digits, there is certainly no doubt why so many vehicles overheat every year.

When searching for and buying a used car on Craigslist cars phoenix AZ, one thing that you will want to carefully consider is the vehicles cooling system. This system is essential when it comes to keeping your engine and all of its components cool. Without it, your vehicle will only drive for a few minutes before the engine overheat and seizes. This is why you should always check in a used car that you are looking to purchase to ensure that its cooling system is properly functioning. Perhaps the best way to do this is to bring it to a mechanic in your area and allow him or her to check it out. They can quickly look up a system pressure check to see if the system is in fact leaking. With a properly operating cooling system you can drive for several thousand miles and not lose any water because it is a closed system. A simple leak can over time can empty your radiator and cause your engine to overheat.

Perhaps you do not know a good mechanic or maybe you are mechanically inclined. If this is so, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your future vehicles cooling system is in fact function improperly and not leaking.

The first thing that you should do is open the hood and locate the radiator cap. This should never be opened while the engine is hot because you will be severely burned. Ensure that the engine has been off for several hours before proceeding. Slowly remove the radiator cap and check the level of fluid within. Also we’ll take a look at the cooling reservoir and make sure that the fluid is at the proper indication level.

Take a look under the vehicle while it is running to check for any water leaks. If any are detected you will want to see exactly where they are coming from. There are hundreds of different places that anti-freeze can leak from so be sure to take a long a good flashlight.

Sometimes, there will be no visible sign of anti-freeze leaking out. In this case, it could be possible that it is escaping into the oil compartment or possibly even into the combustion chamber. Only a qualified mechanic can make this determination. Once again, he or she will have to pressurize the system and search for the leak.

Carefully inspect your car before making a purchase and you will be sure to survive the summer heat in Arizona. Be careful not to overlook any minor details as they could lead to larger problems.

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