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Craigslist OKC – Now Is the Time to Buy a Fuel Efficient Craigslist Car

Oklahoma City is not only the capital of Oklahoma but it is also the largest city in the entire state. In fact, when it comes to land mass, OKC is the second largest city in the entire US! There are over one million residents in this diversified area and lots of activity in the area. In such a large city, public transportation is not exactly the best. Everyday folks rely on their cars to get them to the places they need to be. Craigslist OKC is one website that attracts thousands of car shoppers in this area each and every day. If you have been thinking about buying a used car, you may want to take fuel economy into consideration.

As gas prices have leveled off, many people do not have the price of gas on their mind but as soon as they begin to creep up, everyone begins to shout and start looking for cars with better gas mileage. All of a sudden, gas sipping cars begin to quickly disappear from Craigslist. This is why you should shop for those gas sippers right now when no one is paying attention. Look for cars with 4 cylinders or even 3 cylinders such as the Geo Metro. There are many gas saving cars out there so be sure to do your homework before going out there and making a purchase.

Choosing a fuel efficient car can be accomplished by visiting the government fuel consumption website and see what they have to say about any car imaginable. One nice feature with this website is that they also post the fuel mileage that others are receiving. This information can be a bit less accurate because there is no one verifying it. At the same time, it could be a better indication of actual real world use of a particular vehicle.

Fuel mileage is typically rated in city and highway driving. Typically speaking, less fuel is consumed per mile while traveling at highway speeds. Fuel economy quickly drops as you approach speeds in excess of 55 MPH. Likewise, fuel economy is reduced in stop and go traffic. It takes quite a bit of fuel to initially propel a vehicle but once it gets going it takes far less to maintain speed. Often times the fuel mileage will be seen for example as 17 City, 24 Highway. Some websites will also give you the average fuel mileage which includes stop and go traffic in addition to highway driving. Check out what several independent sources have to say about fuel economy and do not rely on one source.

If you are living in the OKC area, Oklahoma City Craigslist Cars is the place to find cars that are fuel efficient. Remember to shop around now while many are not paying attention and you can grab a really great fuel sipping car at an incredible price that can be found no where else. There is no better way to buy a used car and not better time than now.

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