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Post an Ad on Craigslist San Antonio Texas That Grabs Readers Attention

Selling a used car can be a challenge, especially if you are unable to write an effective advertisement. Craigslist cars San Antonio is a great place to post you vehicle for sale where hundreds of people will see it each day. It is not surprising that this is the most popular method of advertising a used car. Being a free service that is open to the public, using Craigslist can be an incredibly effective way to make your voice heard. There are however challenges when it comes to drawing in your customers. In order to get your point across, you must write an effective advertisement clearly defining exactly what you are selling.

San Antonio has more than 1.3 million residents and with this many people in one area, there will certainly be a group of individuals who are looking to purchase a used car. The large population of the area can also be attributed to the nearby Lackland AFB, Fort Sam Houston, Randolph AFB, and several other military bases in the area. Needless to say, there is a strong presence of military individuals in the area. Many of these people are recent recruits who are training in this area. Several have money coming in and no vehicle. If you are interested in writing an effective advertisement in this area, don’t forget about the military that have a strong influence in the area.

When posting an advertisement, you will want to clearly define exactly what you are selling. The first thing to do is start with the basics. Mention the year, make, model, mileage, transmission type and engine size. For example, you ad may start off something like this:

1996 Buick Century – 135k – Automatic Transmission – 3.1L V6 engine

This is the basic information that most people are interested in. Some sellers will attempt to hide a vehicles mileage until they grab the reader’s attention and contact them. This is not a good idea because you will receive dozens of phone calls, asking how many miles the vehicle has. Once the car buyer finds out it has 250k miles they will quickly thank you and hang up. Avoid the hassle of answering multiple unnecessary phone calls by being upfront and honest from the beginning.

The next section of your advertisement should include some basic information about your vehicle, including features such as Air Conditioning, power heated seats, sunroof, premium sound system, etc. In this section you should describe the entire feature that the vehicle has. For a list of possible features, look at the Kelly Blue Book and check off all those that apply to your vehicle.  Here is what this section of the ad should look like:

Loaded with all of the power features including power windows, power locks, and power seats. Ice cold air conditioning smoking hot heat. Comes with a JBL audio system and premium wheel package.

Now that you have the basics out of the way, give a detailed description. Focus on all of the positive aspects of the car and leave the negative out. Only disclose the problems with the car if the buyer asks. Prematurely volunteering information is a great way to distract your reader and send them to another person’s ad.

This car was lightly driven by my grandmother who is 75 years old. The oil was changed every 3,000 miles and maintenance records are available upon request. This is one solid car with no mechanical problems.

Finally, you will want to post a price and a contact number that you can be reached at on Craigslist Cars San Antonio. It is always a good idea to post an alternative contact number just incase you are not available while at work. Have a trusted friend or family member answer the phone while you are out.


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