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Craigslist cars Jeep Grand Cherokee – Grand Cherokee has been a success for nearly 2 decades

Since 1992 the Jeep Grand Cherokee has been an American favorite, selling millions of vehicles throughout the years. This vehicle is a medium sized sport-utility vehicle which is created with the frame incorporated into the body. There were over four different generations and this vehicle available in many different model packages including two doors and four doors. The original vehicles came in three editions including the limited, base, and Laredo. During this time the base model did not do so well so it was later discontinued. The other models featured items such as power locks and power windows along with aluminum wheels and other power features such as a sunroof and seats. This vehicle was offered with a 4.0, 5.2, 5.9 and 2.5 L engine. It was also available with a four speed automatic transmission or a five speed manual transmission. Manual transmission vehicles were less expensive than the automatics. Also, the V-8 models were much more powerful than the smaller V-6 engine, cranking out an incredible 300 foot pounds. This vehicle made several list including motor trend truck of the year and one of the top vehicles in car and driver. During its time this vehicle was rather impressive and caught the attention of thousands of Americans the first year that it went on sale. For years now it has been one of the best-selling cars in the United States and has remained on several lists of top-selling cars in the US.

Throughout the years this vehicle evolved into what we know today. Today’s Grand Cherokees come with a five speed automatic transmission and several engine sizes to choose from including the 3.9 L V-6 diesel, 3.6 L V-6, the 5.7 L and a 6.4 L V8’s. The fourth-generation WK2 boasts an incredible 5400 welds in the body. This is a key selling point on the Jeep commercials. These vehicles come with a four-wheel independent suspension system. In 2010 this vehicle sold nearly 85,000 units in the United States alone. This was a significant improvement from the year before when it sold 50,000 units. So far in the 2011 year it appears as if these vehicles are doing fairly well thanks to a boost in advertising. Quite a bit of money was spent on advertising to get the message across that these vehicles are just as strong today as they were 20 years ago.

No matter what Cherokee were looking for you will likely find it on Craigslist cars. This is one of the first places that used car shoppers look when they are trying to find a used car for a reasonable price. Buying used will certainly save you a ton of money when compared to buying new. Even if the vehicle is only two years old it can quickly drop in value. While this is not a very good time to sell a vehicle it can be a great time to purchase one. By taking advantage of the depreciation factor, you can save thousands of dollars in the end.

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