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Honda Civic for sale on Craigslist cars – Compact car is a great gas saver

Since 1972, the Honda Civic has built a solid reputation as a fuel economic and reliable vehicle. When this car was originally introduced it came as a two-door model. A few months later the hatchback model was introduced. The original models were somewhat stripped down, coming with only an AM radio. As this Honda progressed, new features such as leather seats and power accessories became the standard. With over 7 million Civics sold in the United States alone, this has been a top-selling vehicle for several years now not only in the United States but other countries such as Canada. The Honda Civic does especially well whenever gas prices tend to rise as we have seen in past months. In recent years more and more hybrid Honda Civic’s are being produced to meet global demand for a green and fuel-efficient vehicle. Throughout the years there have been nine different generations of this vehicle produced. The original Honda Civics are not very attractive and sported an extremely small 71 in.³ engine. They were a hit from the beginning as they were introduced during the 1973 oil crisis. It wasn’t until 1984 that the civic started to take a more modern look opposed to a boxy style. Honda saw great success with the civic in the 90s and early 2000s. Today, the Honda Civic still remains a strong seller and holds its market share in the compact car category. Anyone who has shopped for a compact car has likely considered purchasing a Honda Civic before. With many styles to choose from, there is one that meets your style and budget.

One of the most highly sought after vehicles on Craigslist is the Honda Civic. If you are looking at Craigslist cars, you may have noticed that the civic holds its value rather well. Part of the reason is because these vehicles are known for the reputation for being reliable and long-lasting. With a high demand for these vehicles one should expect to pay a premium. It is no secret that these cars are a great buy all around. When shopping for a civic you will want to beware of those who are trying to charge a premium for their vehicle. Many civic owners know that they have a good car and place a high sentimental value on their vehicles. Simply stated, don’t pay too much for your new civic. Take a look around and see what other people are charging for similar vehicles before making a purchase. If you see the same car for several thousand dollars less then might be a good idea to continue shopping around.

Another great buy is the Toyota Corolla on Craigslist cars. This vehicle is comparable to the civic and is also just as reliable. In the world of sub compact and compact cars there a many vehicles to choose from. In recent years, American vehicles have caught up to the foreign competitors. Ford focus owner’s have been raving about these vehicles in recent years and how they are comparable to the Honda Civic.

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