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How to realize huge profits selling your used car on Craigslist cars

When posting an advertisement on Craigslist, keep in mind that there is a correct way of doing so and an incorrect way. By creating an effective ad and presenting your vehicle in a positive fashion, you can realize huge profits when selling your used car on Craigslist cars. In order to profit the most on your vehicle, you will want to put some thought into your advertisement. To begin, read this article on writing an effective ad on Craigslist cars. Before listing your vehicle for sale on Craigslist, there are a few tips that you may want to take into consideration in order to maximize your vehicle’s profits.

Perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to vehicle presentation is cleanliness. There are many car buyers out there that will purchase a vehicle based solely on cosmetic appearance. These types of buyers generally do not place much weight on the mechanical soundness of the vehicle. Because of this, you will want to ensure that your vehicle is absolutely spotless both inside and out. If you are not into cleaning, hire someone to detail your vehicle. You may spend a couple hundred dollars for a good detailed job, but your vehicle will sell much quicker and for a significant amount more than if it were not cleaned. A good cleaning will include vacuuming and shampooing the carpet and upholstery, cleaning and protecting the vinyl, cleaning all vehicle glass including the rearview mirror and side view mirrors, washing and waxing the exterior of the vehicle, a thorough detailing of the wheels, and cleaning under the hood and in the trunk. When hiring someone to complete this work it is best to go with quality and not price. When it comes to a good detailing job you will often get what you pay for. Discounted detailing jobs are usually never truly completed and will leave you with more to be desired. If you decide to take on this task yourself then you should be prepared to spend at least two days preparing your vehicle for sale. It is also a good idea to purchase a bottle of touch up paint to fill in fine scratches on your vehicle. When using touch up paint remember that a little bit goes a long way. The brush that comes with touch up paint will do an okay job but if you want a finer line then you will want to go with a high-quality brush with a fine tip. Lightly fill in the scratches after the vehicle has been washed. Do not paint a quarter inch line across your vehicle. Touch up paint should be used at a thickness less than 1/16 of an inch thick. After the paint has dried for a couple of days, wax the entire vehicle including the touched up scratches with a high-quality wax such as Maguires. A good rotary buffer makes this task easier. You can purchase a decent buffer for less than $100 from your auto parts store or perhaps he can borrow one from a friend.

Ensure that the car you are trying to sell is in fairly good shape mechanically. If the vehicle needs something simple as a battery or alternator, have this replaced before trying to sell the car. The majority of car buyers are not looking for a fixer upper and would like something that they can drive away and not have to be concerned about fixing it. Those car buyers who are looking for a fixer-upper expect to get the vehicle at a much lower rate than what it is truly worth. It may cost you a few hundred dollars upfront but your vehicle will sell much faster and for much more than if you were not to address the problem. The last thing that a car buyer wants to hear is that the vehicle needs X., Y., Z., before they can drive it. If the vehicle makes any type of sounds, investigate it and find out exactly what the problem is. If possible, fix the problem and your car will sell much quicker. It is also a fantastic idea to perform a tune-up including sparkplugs, wires, distributor cap if applicable, air filter, fuel filter, and change all fluids. A recent tune-up can be a great selling feature that can be listed in your advertisement and it also shows that you are responsible enough to maintain your vehicle. If you are able to do this yourself you can save hundreds of dollars and likely spend less than $100 in parts. If you are not the handy type person than you can likely find someone who will perform the work at a discounted rate. There’s certainly no shortage of shade tree mechanics and every local community.

By pricing your vehicle correctly, you will generate interest and receive the most for your car. If you price your vehicle to high you will likely not receive any phone calls and if you price it to low, it will sell quickly and you will be wondering just how much money you left on the table. In order to come up with a good starting price you will want to take a look at similar cars in your area. It is a good idea to list your vehicle at or below the average listing price for your particular automobile. Depending on how much time you have to sell your car, you can start by listing it at a high price and see if any interest is generated. Slowly lower the price until you start to notice an increase in e-mails and phone calls. For many people, selling their vehicle as quickly as possible is a top priority. If this is true then you will want to price it competitively and sell it quickly. Websites such as Autotrader.com can give you an idea of what other people are selling your car for. You may have to search outside of your local area in order to find a larger selection. When comparing cars you will want to take into consideration factors such as mileage and condition. Check out vehicles that are the same year, a year newer, and a year older. You will also want to choose cars that have similar features such as power mirrors, power locks, and heated leather seats. Use your best judgment when coming up with a listing price for your vehicle. If you are willing to negotiate on the price then place the term or best offer after the listing price. For instance, you can list your vehicle for $6000 OBO and this lets car buyers know that you are willing to come down a little on your price. Because of this, you should price your vehicle slightly above what you are expecting to get for it in anticipation that someone will try to talk you down.

In order to get the most money for your car you will have to become a salesman. Auto salesman can be very convincing because they are able to figure out what the customer’s needs are and match them to the vehicle. Whenever you show the vehicle you will want to listen closely to what the buyer is telling you. If they are in desperate need of a vehicle and plan on buying today, you know that you have a serious buyer in your hands. If it is someone who’s just shopping around and is not yet ready to make a decision, you will have to work a little bit harder to get the sale. Pick up on clues about the buyer and try to sell them your vehicle while pointing out beneficial features. For instance, if your buyer has several children it may be a good idea to point out that your car is a four-door and has plenty of room for the kids. With today’s gas prices higher than ever, let your buyer know that your car is a real gas saver. Come up with a sales strategy and pitch the car to anyone who is interested. Allow them to take your vehicle for a test drive and reassure them that it does not have any issues. Many car buyers are skeptical about buying Craigslist cars because they do not know if the seller is trying to sell the vehicle because it has a problem. By reassuring the buyer that no issues are present, this will increase the chances that they will make a purchase.

Once you have the car buyer hooked you will want to find out approximately how much money they are willing to spend. Depending on the buyer, you may get the full asking price or you may possibly get a low ball offer. If the buyer makes a lowball offer try to negotiate with them for a price that is reasonable for the two of you. If you are able to get the full asking price for your vehicle then there is obviously no need to negotiate. A well seasoned buyer may use several tactics in order to get your vehicle at the lowest price possible. One of the most effective tactics that a car buyer will use is the walk away strategy. If the buyer really wants your vehicle they will call you back offering the full asking price. If not, call them and re-negotiate a price. Selling a car is more of an art than a science and requires the ability to read people and understand when they are bluffing. Do not automatically give in to a buyer that refuses to buy because of price. Play the game with the buyer until you both can agree upon a price. Your ability to budge on the price will be dependent upon how necessary it is for you to sell your vehicle. If you can afford to let the vehicle set for several months then you have more leverage when it comes to the negotiation process.

Timing is everything when it comes to selling your used car on Craigslist cars. Certain months of the year are better for selling cars than others. For instance, the months of November and December are relatively slow because people are short on cash and are preparing for the holiday season. The beginning of the year is an excellent time to sell your vehicle because many have income tax return checks. Another great time to sell your car is during the summer when the car buying season is hot. Once fall approaches there are many less buyers on the market. This does not necessarily mean that you should not try to sell your vehicle in the later part of the year. People are in need of vehicles year around, however, you’re likely going to make the most off of your vehicle during the peak months because there are generally more buyers than sellers. It is the simple rule of supply and demand and when the demand is low, the price usually drops. You will be competing with several other car sellers who have to sell their vehicles during these months. If possible, hold off until the springtime in order to get the most for your car.

There are many aspects from timing to cleanliness, price, sales strategy, negotiation, and mechanical soundness that determine how much you will profit from your used car. When it comes to getting the most money for your vehicle, selling it on Craigslist cars is the best way to save money in advertising costs. You can save hundreds of dollars in advertising costs and this is money that can go straight into your pocket. Similar websites online charge a fee they can range anywhere from $20 per month to $100 per month. Advertising in your local newspaper is no longer worth the fees that they charge for a small audience. Profiting the most on your car requires that you strike a balance of the many factors mentioned. Each day hundreds of people successfully sell their vehicles without paying a dime in advertising cost. Good luck selling your vehicle in check back for more information on buying and selling cars on Craigslist.

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