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Used Craigslist Chevrolet Silverado 1500 full-size pickup truck – Buying a Craigslist Chevy Silverado pickup that is like a rock

Many of us remember the old Chevrolet Silverado commercials that boast the slogan “Like a Rock”. Several Chevrolet truck owners can attest that this statement is completely accurate. Chevrolet trucks have been around for several decades now and have been a top choice when it comes to purchasing a full size truck. General Motors has been producing the Chevrolet truck since the early 1930s but it wasn’t until 1975 that they introduce the Silverado series. Throughout the years, these trucks were created with a four speed automatic transmission and also a five speed manual transmission. The Silverado came with either a 4.3 L V6, 4.8 L V-8, 5.3 L V-8 or the 6 L V-8. In 2004 the vortec engine was created and has since gained popularity. These trucks can be purchased in the half ton or quarter ton version. Today, the base model Silverado can cost you $22,000 plus taxes. In today’s economy, it is not practical for many to purchase a new vehicle and this is perhaps why purchasing a Silverado on Craigslist has become so popular. Many people have concerns about the stability of their job and do not want to be locked into a payment plan that can last for several years. By selling your old vehicle, you may be able to get a truck for just a few thousand dollars plus the proceeds from your previous vehicle.

Whether you are a Ford guy looking for a Craigslist Ford F150 pickup truck or would rather have a Chevrolet, you will find plenty of vehicles to choose from on Craigslist. Right now, you can purchase a 1500 series Chevrolet truck that is only five or six years old for around half of the cost of a new truck. Buying a used truck is a great financial decision that could prevent you from spending nearly twice what you would on a new vehicle. If you want to pick up a truck that is like a rock, you will want to closely inspect the truck before laying your money on the line. Without a doubt, there are sellers on Craigslist who are interested in unloading a truck that has a major mechanical malfunction. If you are not familiar with the workings of a vehicle then it may be best to leave this task up to the professionals who can quickly and easily get you an effective diagnosis of the vehicle. Have them check everything from the fluids to the cylinder compression of the engine. There are many other components that your mechanic will check. Be sure to choose wisely when selecting a mechanic.

Buying a used Craigslist Chevrolet 1500 Silverado full-size pickup truck is a good choice, especially if you are looking for a higher mileage truck to do a little work around the house. Chevrolet sells well over 200,000 of these vehicles each year and with this many on the road, there is always someone who was looking to sell their vehicle to purchase a new one. By purchasing a truck on Craigslist, you will get the lowest possible price anywhere.

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