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Miami Gardens Florida Craigslist cars Miami Dade County – Beat the summer heat with a cool car from Craigslist cars Miami Gardens FL

Located in the southern tip of Florida, Miami Gardens is a thriving city with an estimated 110,000 residents. While this may not be the first place that many people look for a used car, it can certainly be a good option. With many people in this area living on a fixed income, there is a strong need for affordable used vehicles. This is where Craigslist cars Miami Gardens Florida can help out. However, in this area no ordinary car will do. As anyone who lives in southern Florida knows, the summer heat can certainly be brutal and it is important to choose a vehicle that has a functioning air conditioning system to keep you cool in the hot weather. Buying a used vehicle that needs air-conditioning work can end up being quite expensive. The price of an air-conditioning compressor alone is several hundred dollars and having it installed can be just as much as the part. When it comes to inspecting a vehicle that you are about to purchase on Craigslist, be sure to include a full air-conditioning system check before making your purchase. There are a few simple steps that you can follow in order to check your air-conditioning system. The only tool that you really need is a temperature thermometer that can be found at your local parts store such as advance auto parts.

In order to check the air-conditioning system, you will want to start by turning the engine over and allowing the vehicle to idle. Take note of the ambient air temperature and insert the thermometer into the vehicles air conditioning vents. Turn the air-conditioning system onto Max cool and ensure that the temperature selected is all the way over to the cold side. Choose the option that allows you to recirculate the cabin air. Closely watch the temperature drop for several minutes. It is a good idea to wait at least 10 minutes to ensure that you have an accurate reading. Remember the monitor should be at least 20° below the current outside temperature or ambient air temperature. If not, you will want to open the hood and take a look at the air-conditioning compressor to ensure that the clutch is still turning. The clutches the center part of the compressor and it engages while cooling the vehicle. If the compressor is cycling on and off rapidly, this is a good indication that the system has a leak. Stop by your local parts store to pick up an air-conditioning recharge kit in order to refill your system. There are also additives that you can use in order to stop the leak from reoccurring. These additives are good for small leaks but will not fix the problem if it is a large leak. Sometimes it is less expensive to add a can of 134a every year or so than to repair the problem. The average cost of a can is around eight dollars and this can be significantly less than paying a mechanic to fix your system.

Doing a thorough vehicle air-conditioning system check is an important part of purchasing a vehicle whether it is in Miami Gardens Florida or Craigslist cars Beaumont Texas. All too often car purchasers fail to look at the vehicles air conditioning system before making a purchase. When the summer months hit, they regret making this decision. Craigslist cars Miami Gardens is a great place to find a cool vehicle to beat the Florida summer heat.

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