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McAllen Texas Craigslist cars and pickup trucks in Hidalgo County – What makes Craigslist cars McAllen TX a great value?

It is not uncommon these days to see people searching for used cars on Craigslist cars McAllen Texas. With the recent economic crisis, many Texans are considering their options when it comes to saving cash each month. One way that many people are doing this is by passing on new cars and choosing used. Buying a used car is a great way to reduce or even eliminate a car payment each month. There many reasons why Craigslist is a great value for those who are shopping for a used car. Every vehicle starts to depreciate as soon as is purchased. What this means is that a vehicle purchased five years ago for $20,000 may only be worth around $7000 depending on make and model. By purchasing a car that is two to five years old, you can eliminate a great portion of the depreciation. Vehicles depreciate slower as they age which makes buying a slightly used car a wise financial decision. Having the ability to pay lower insurance premiums is also another reason why buying a used car on McAllen Texas Craigslist cars is a good choice. In general, the older a vehicle is, the less its replacement cost will be. This equates to lower insurance premiums for used car buyers. The best insurance rates of course go to those with good driving records. Shopping around and comparing insurance rates is the best way to ensure that you are getting the best possible quote. Know exactly what the state requirements are for insurance and asked each insurer for their lowest price on a policy. Be sure that you are comparing apples to apples whenever shopping around for car insurance.

There many other reasons why buying a used car is a great value. Another reason is because used cars are not taxed as heavily as new cars. You may only pay $100-$200 in taxes and registration fees each year. With a new car, this can be several hundred dollars. Altogether, buying a used car can literally save thousands of dollars every year on your vehicle expenses. There is no easier way to cut your monthly expenses. From Fullerton California Craigslist cars to used cars in McAllen, you are not going to find a better value than purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.

Craigslist offers vehicles from both local car dealers and individual sellers. Both can be a great source for purchasing a used car. Depending on your needs, you may choose a used car dealer. One dealership that has stood the test of time in McAllen Texas is Saenz Motors. This dealership is located on South 23rd and has been in business since 1962. Saenz is a family owned operation and a small car dealer with a few dozen vehicles. There are plenty of other used car dealers in the area that will gladly assist you with purchasing a used car and making the transaction as smooth as possible. For a complete list of car dealers and private sellers check out the McAllen Texas Craigslist cars listings.

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