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Baton Rouge Louisiana Craigslist cars and jeeps for sale – Craigslist cars Baton Rouge LA autos for sale

Baton Rouge Louisiana is the second largest area in the state with a population of over one quarter of 1 million residents. When combined with the Baton Rouge Pierre metropolitan area, the population increases to over three quarters of 1 million residents. Nearby areas include Denham Springs, New Roads, Kenner, Lafayette, Covington, Walker, Addis, Gonzales, Highland, Old Jefferson, Springfield, Prairieville, Hammond Paulina and Ethel.

When looking for used cars on the Baton Rouge Louisiana Craigslist cars site, you will want to be aware of the many Craigslist scams that are going on today. While Craigslist is an excellent way to buy a used car, it is also where many thieves hang out and try to take your money. Each day, dozens of Americans get scammed on Craigslist because they are not aware of how a transaction is performed. While there are various tactics that scammers use in order to get your money, one of the most common ways that money is taken is by sending it western union.

You may ask yourself why someone would send an individual money through Western Union in exchange for an item. Many of these thieves online are able to create realistic looking invoices that convinced the buyer to send them money. They often claim that they are working with a shipping company and the shipping company will send them an invoice. The money is usually sent to another country via Western Union and once the money has been picked up, you will be out and there is nothing that you can do. The best way to avoid getting scammed with this Western Union scam is to simply not send any money. Deal only with locals on Craigslist cars Baton Rouge LA. Never agree to send money for any reason whatsoever.

Another popular scam that has been around Craigslist for many years now is the check cashing scam. Many times, the seller will send you a check in the mail that appears to be valid. You will cash this check at your bank and are instructed to send a specified portion of cash via Western Union. The seller often offers you a few hundred dollars in exchange for your troubles. While it may seem as if you cannot lose, there is a lot at stake here. Once the check has been cash and the money is delivered, you will receive a phone call from your bank a few days later making you aware that the check you cash was fraudulent. At this point, you will be out all of the money that you sent to the “seller”. The bank will require you to pay it back. The easiest way to avoid this scam is to not cash any checks from a car buyer.

Whether you’re shopping for cars in Baton Rouge or Craigslist cars Lubbock Texas, these scammers exist in every city in the United States and around the world. Be sure to keep your guard up and do not send any money via Western Union or cash any checks.

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