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Used cars Lexington Kentucky Craigslist cars for sale by owner – Lexington KY Craigslist cars Fayette County

Lexington is located in central Kentucky in Fayette County and has approximately 300,000 locals in the city and around 500,000 in the metropolitan area. Known as the horse capital of the world, Lexington has many areas nearby including Versailles, London, Rockcastle, Monticello, Winchester, Hamburg, Frankfort, Nicholasville, Ashland, Georgetown, Crab Orchard, Lawrenceburg, McKee, and Richmond.

While Lexington maybe the horse capital of the world, getting around from day to day requires a bit more than a horse. The preferred choice for transportation in the Lexington area is the automobile and with money a bit tight these days, many locals are choosing to purchase used vehicles. When it comes to buying a used car, the Lexington Kentucky Craigslist cars website is a top choice for car shoppers who are looking to buy a car at a reasonable price that is reliable and affordable. Craigslist has a large assortment of cars that fits the bill. Here you can find all types of vehicles from cars to trucks and vans at prices from just a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Most for sale by owner cars are purchased on a cash only basis and without a warranty. This means that you will want to ensure that you are purchasing a mechanically sound car before spending your hard-earned money.

In order to ensure that you are buying a good running vehicle, you will want to thoroughly inspect all of the components that make up the car. Start with the engine of the vehicle. Turn the ignition switch and ensure that the engine turns over smoothly and starts up within a second or so. If the vehicle is slow to start, this may be an indication that it could need a tune-up or other work. Once the engine is running, you will want to listen closely for abnormal noises coming from the engine compartment such as knocking or rattling. While the engine is running, you will want to check the transmission fluid levels. With the engine off, check other fluids such as brake, oil, and coolant. When it comes to checking coolant, it should only be done when the engine has been turned off overnight, allowing time for the system to depressurize. The water in the engine block becomes pressurized due to the heat of the engine. Take a look at the overall cleanliness of the engine and inspect for fluid leakage on the block. You will also want to look underneath and check to see if the fluid is leaking on the ground. While some leaks may be a minor, others can end up costing you a lot of money.

The Lexington KY Craigslist cars website has dozens of listings each day, giving you a choice when it comes to buying a used car in the Lexington area. Whether you’re shopping for a used car in Lexington or checking out the Riverside California Craigslist cars website, you will find that no one offers more options at a lower price than Craigslist. Begin your search by visiting the Craigslist homepage and choosing Lexington Kentucky.

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