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Craigslist cars for sale under $800 – Tips for searching Craigslist for cars for a cheap older used vehicle that runs good

Times are tough and there are plenty of people out there looking for a cheap reliable older vehicle for less than $800. For many Americans, obtaining a vehicle loan is near impossible because of bad credit issues. When purchasing a used vehicle for $800 on Craigslist cars for sale, you don’t have to worry about obtaining vehicle financing. There are plenty of vehicles available on Craigslist for under $800, but it is up to you to find one that runs and is reliable. Finding a good used vehicle at this price on Craigslist is often similar to finding a diamond in the rough. While there are plenty of qualified vehicles on Craigslist, there are also several others that have many issues and will end up becoming a money pit. This article was created to give you an idea of what to look for when searching Craigslist for cars.

In order to find a used vehicle at such a low price, you must make some compromises. For $800, the cosmetic condition of the vehicle is not going to be anywhere near perfect. You should also expect the vehicle to be a few years old and quite possibly have higher mileage. While purchasing a vehicle at this price, your primary focus should be on how mechanically sound the vehicle is with the cosmetic condition secondary.

When checking the mechanical soundness of the vehicle, you will want to have a mechanic inspect both the engine and transmission to ensure that they are in good working order. A new engine or transmission can easily cost you the price of the vehicle and then some. This should be your main concern when purchasing an older used vehicle. Other areas that you should be concerned with are the condition of the tires, condition of the vehicles suspension, and condition of the vehicle’s exhaust system. All of these are important components of a vehicle that can be very expensive. If you can find a car or truck with a solid engine, transmission, suspension, exhaust, and has good tread on the tires, it may be a great buy for $800 or less.

While browsing through Craigslist, don’t get distracted by vehicle scams. In general, if it seems too good to be true then it is likely not true. If you come across a vehicle that is listed for significantly below book value, odds are that you have encountered a scammer. One thing that Craigslist has an abundance of is scammers. Read this article on Craigslist scams to learn about how to protect your self from becoming a victim of a scam.

Buying a used vehicle on Craigslist cars is certainly a smart financial move. Check out this article on buying a new vehicle vs buying a used vehicle and you can see why it is wise to purchase used instead of new. When searching Craigslist for cars, you may want to take along a buddy or member of the family who knows and understands vehicles. Remember that an informed decision is much better than making a decision by guessing.

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