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Making money by selling Craigslist used cars in Detroit Michigan – Purchasing vehicles at a car auction and selling on Craigslist cars Detroit MI

While in college, I experimented with many different ways to make money to help pay the bills. One way that I found to make a little extra cash is to sell used vehicles. Selling Craigslist used cars is a quick and easy way to make several hundred dollars. I remember the first vehicle that I purchased and sold brought in around $1000. Since then, vehicle sales have been very good to me. When it comes to making quick cash, there is perhaps no better way than selling Craigslist cars.

Detroit Michigan has one of the nation’s highest unemployment rates and is suffering due to the collapse of General Motors and Chrysler. With many people out of work with experience in the automotive industry, selling vehicles is a great way to earn extra cash to help supplement your income. Buying and selling vehicles may be easier than you think. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to selling cars on Craigslist for a profit.

If you want to sell vehicles, the first thing that you are going to need is of course vehicles to sell. If you purchase these vehicles retail, you will make little to no profit and in some cases lose money. Start by searching your area for vehicle auctions. A great place to pick up cheap vehicles is at a DUI or Marshal seizure auction. When it comes to purchasing vehicles at a car auction, you must be careful and know where the vehicles are coming from. Some auctions are full of problematic vehicles from car dealerships that they are trying to dump. The advantage of a DUI auction is that you know that these vehicles were running whenever they were seized.

Show up to the car auction with a notebook in hand ready to take notes. Also, you’re going to need a way to pay for these vehicles. Many auctions accept credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard. Check out each vehicle that is being auctioned for any signs of problems and take note. Take along a book such as the NADA to get an idea of what each vehicle that you are interested in is worth. When it comes time to bidding on a vehicle, you will want to bid at or below half the book value. Within any luck, you will walk away with two or three vehicles for under $500 each.

Take these vehicles home and get them ready to sell by cleaning them up. Try not to spend any money on the vehicles unless it is something that will be necessary in order to sell it. For instance, if the vehicle has a windshield that is really cracked, you will probably want to replace it before trying to sell it. Once you have your vehicles cleaned up, they should be ready to list on Craigslist.

Take pictures of your vehicles and write a creative description of each one. Post these vehicles in the Detroit Craigslist section slightly above the book value to allow room for the negotiation. Once you have a seller, bring the vehicle title to a notary and have it notarized. If you purchased your vehicles at the right price, you will likely walk away with several hundred dollars. Set this money aside, returned to the car auction and repeat.

You will be amazed how quickly you can make extra cash by attending these car auctions and reselling them on Craigslist cars. When the economy is down, finding creative ways to earn extra cash is a must. Selling Craigslist used cars can put an extra couple thousand dollars in your pocket each month to help pay the bills.

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